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In 2018, Netflix’s reboot of the popular 2003 show, Queer Eye, has become a favorite for many Netflix watchers. Two weeks ago, Netflix finally announced the long-awaited release date for the return of The Fab Five: Tan, Bobby, Jonathan, Antoni and Karamo, for the highly anticipated season three of Queer Eye.

Here are VALLEY’s top five episodes throughout seasons one and two for those who haven’t seen the show yet or those who want reminisce before the new season.

Season 1 Episode 1 – You Can’t Fix Ugly

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Every successful show needs a good pilot episode, and you can’t get much better than this one. The five Queer Eye men (aka The Fab Five) start their show off by introducing a truck driver named Tom who truly believed that he was ugly. His main reason for being on the show was to have some help in winning back his ex-wife Abby.

This episode not only helped Tom win back his wife, but it also opened his mind and heart to openly gay people. It set the show on a path for open conversations about the gay community.

Season 1 Episode 4 – To Gay or Not Too Gay

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This episode follows A.J., who at the start of the episode is not openly gay with his stepmother, which is upsetting to him since they are otherwise so close.

As the episode progresses, A.J. becomes more comfortable with who he is — with the help of the Fab Five, of course. He eventually gains the courage and confidence to come out to his stepmom via a letter he wrote to his late father. Needless to say, this episode made us all “ugly cry” at the end.

Season 2 Episode 1 – God Bless Gay

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The opener of season two does a really great job at getting us excited for what’s to come. In this episode, the Fab Five are making over a woman named Tammye, an inspiring woman from Georgia who works as a teacher and visits sick children after work, but she also is very involved in her church. Instead of making over her house, she asked the Fab Five to make over the church’s community center, which is already enough to bring a tear to your eyes. As if that wasn’t enough, Tammye is also a cancer survivor who lost her mother to cancer as well.

The episode then continues with her son, who’s gay, returning home and Tammye trying to get him to return to the church. At the end of the episode, her son goes to church for the homecoming service, and Tammye tells the church about the blessings she’s received from five gay men — but mainly the blessings from her gay son. If that didn’t make you cry, it definitely made Antoni cry, which was one of the highlights of the episode!

Season 2 Episode 2 – A Decent Proposal

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Who doesn’t love a grand gesture marriage proposal? In this episode that’s what we get, alongside a multitude of other cute moments. The Fab Five are making over William, a Walmart employee and an avid filmmaker, who wants to propose to his girlfriend, Shannan, who he met while they were training to work at Walmart.

What may seem like a product placement for Walmart is anything but. After giving William the full, hair, clothes, skin care, food and living space makeover, the Fab Five get to work on the proposal.

Since both William and his girlfriend are avid movie lovers, they make a short film for William to propose to his girlfriend with and play it at an outdoor theater before the real movie. It was something straight out of a romantic comedy, having William running around in the film looking for something that means more than “love,” and it turns out to be “Shannan.”

Season 2 Episode 7 – Bedazzled

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Sean is an 18-year-old socially awkward kid with the spirit of a 70s singer-songwriter. Raised and homeschooled by his godmother Lulu, Sean didn’t have the average childhood experience, making him more of a 60-year-old in an 18-year-old body.

To get him ready for college, the Fab Five dress him in typical teen clothes, give him a long overdue haircut and redesign his new living space for that of a future college student.

The episode culminates with Sean putting on his first solo gig with the members of his first band, “The Death of the Peanut King,” showing up to support him.

That being said, if these iconic episodes didn’t get you ready for the next season of Queer Eye, try revisiting seasons one and two on Netflix in the next few weeks. Be sure to tune in for season three’s release on March 15! 


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