A Look Into Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour

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After releasing her hit album “Reputation” in October, Taylor Swift announced the highly anticipated dates of the Reputation World Tour to take place throughout Summer 2018. Kicking off the tour in Glendale, Arizona on May 8, Swift dazzled the crowd, and left them wanting more as the confetti fell and she waved goodbye at the end of night. Jumping city to city, Swift sold out every stadium, set new records and proved the haters wrong — Taylor Swift is NOT over. VALLEY has your inside look at all the elements of the tour from pre-show activities to post-show meet and greets with Swift herself. 


Swift thinks beyond the show itself when it comes to her world tours. With tour trucks, radio booths and “Getaway” shops, Swift entertains her fans at each city with all these activities around the perimeter of the stadium starting from noon until the start of the show. Based off of her song “Getaway Car,” the “Getaway” shops are filled with all of Swift’s merchandise so that fans can finish some pre-show shopping before having to deal with the crowds inside. There are two special merchandise items, a large iron-on Reputation patch as well as a Reputation snake poster that change with each show, the city name being replaced for each new stop. 

Once you scan your tickets you get an LED bracelet, now a Swift tradition for her shows, so the whole crowd lights up with each song in bright colors once the show begins. On the way to your seats, make pit stops at both of the InstaX powered booths in order to get some free polaroids taken in front of different Reputation themed backgrounds as well as sit on the iconic chair from the “Look What You Made Me Do” music video. If you’re 21, grab a “Reputation”-themed drink for the night to sip on before finding your seat — a fan favorite being the “Call It What You Want” Lemonade.

Opening Acts

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Swift has not only one, but two amazing females open up each night of the Reputation Tour, Charli XCX and Camila Cabello. Charli XCX fires up the crowd with radio hits “Boom Clap” and “Boys.” Camila Cabello then takes the stage with an incredible intro of “Never Be The Same,” continuing on with many of her other hit songs such as “Bad Things” and “Havana” throughout her set. Camila not only shows off her vocal skills, but also her dancing skills as she lights up the stage alongside her dancers for many dance breaks in the middle of her songs. After putting on an amazing set Camila leaves the crowd wanting more as she exits the stage leaving the crowd ready for Swift. 

Are You Ready For It…?

With the song “Bad Reputation” blasting through the speakers, and fans dancing and screaming all around, the lights go dark and the Reputation intro video begins to play. With media voices and headlines crossing the screen between images of the younger Taylor, her voice begins to overlay the intro video repeating the word “reputation” over and over until smoke swirls the stage and Swift appears in a sparkly black hooded bodysuit beginning the song “…Ready For It?”

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The show continues on following this setlist.

Without ruining too many aspects of the show, VALLEY has provided a few highlights from the setlist.“Look What You Made Me Do” brings enormous snakes rising behind Swift while she’s on her golden throne center stage dancing and Tiffany Haddish on the big screen saying “The old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now, why? ‘Cause she’s dead.” “Delicate” begins Swift’s transition from the main stage to one of her B-stages as she flies over the crowd in a sparkly light covered lift as she’s dressed in a rainbow sparkly dress. After finishing “Delicate” Swift begins the famous “Shake It Off” and brings both Charli XCX and Camila Cabello back on stage to sing it with her and the rest of the crowd. The first B-stage also bring Swiftie fans the much anticipated “surprise song” of the night that Swift decides to acoustically play. After finishing her set at the first B-stage Swift asks the crowd if it’d be cool if she visits the other side of the stadium as she hops off the stage and begins walking through the crowd grabbing hands and giving out hugs to lucky funs along the barricade. After a small set at the second B-stage, Swift straps herself in another lift, this time it being a skeleton of a snake, to fly across the crowd and land once again back at the main stage to finish the rest of the show. “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” brings a sparkling fountain and Swift in a purple glittery dress to the stage ending the show on a high note with confetti flying all around and fireworks firing off to end the night. 


While most of the crowd files out of the stadium a group of lucky fans will sit in a section all together anxiously waiting to go backstage to meet Swift in what is called the “Rep Room.” The Rep Room has everything a Swiftie would want including food, drinks, music video props, past awards and more to look at and take as many pictures with as possible before lining up to meet Swift. Every tour Swift has included an experience similar to this for lucky fans to be chosen by her team and mom during the show and invited to attend afterwards. On just this tour alone Swift has met over 2,000 of her fans for free with this experience.“Taylor followed me on Tumblr and had liked some of my blog posts about me attending the show. I didn’t want to think anything of it but then during “Bad Blood” her mom came up to me and my friends giving us wristbands and telling us that our dreams were coming true and that Taylor had asked to meet us because of how amazing our costumes were that I had posted about, it was and will forever be the best day of my life,” said Kassy, 19, a Swiftie from Michigan. Experiences similar to these can be read about online everywhere with so many of Swift’s fans feeling so connected and loved by her because of her amazing interaction and dedication to them. 

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