Your THON Playlists

Photo by Carissa Flores

Here at VALLEY we know that THON weekend can be one of the most amazing, unforgettable, but tiring experiences for any Penn State student. We’ve created these playlists to keep you going whether you’re driving to the BJC at 4 a.m. or getting dressed with your THON org friends hours before your shift.


This playlist is jam-packed with throwbacks and recent hits that will just make you want to dance! Listen to this playlist when you’re with your friends getting ready for entrance plan or trying to pull together the energy to make it to your second shift of the weekend. With everything from Migos to Ty Dolla $ign there’s no way to listen to this and not automatically be in a good mood.

Living THON

Filled with The Chainsmokers, Zedd, Avicii and Two Friends this playlist is a mix of frat house dance classics and solid beats. This music is medicine for the most tired moments where you need to motivation and energy to keep going. Listen to the playlist after your 2 a.m. alarm clock goes off and you’ll find yourself happy and ready to dance by the time you reach the BJC!

A Penn State Original

FTK (For the Kids) is a song created for THON by Penn State’s own Khalil Dunham-Carson, also known as rapper GUCCCI GOGGLES. Remind yourself what this weekend is all for and support a local artist!

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