Surprise Performance from Misterwives Rocks THON

Photo by THON

Around 7:30 p.m. in the BJC, THON participants started to get antsy. There was nothing officially scheduled for the night, but many students had been speculating that there would be a surprise concert. After DNCE’s appearance last year, people wondered what was in store for the first night of festivities.

After a spirited line dance, dancers and committee members crowded the stage in anticipation as stagehands set up equipment. Students began to speculate on who it could be, whispering names like Taylor Swift and Drake. When several male instrumentalists came out on stage in edgy rocker outfits, people became more excited than ever, having no clue what was in store for the next half hour of THON.

Suddenly, MisterWives lead singer Mandy Lee ran out bopping and singing. It took a second for the crowd to all recognize MisterWives, but they were very pleasantly surprised to see the indie pop band.

MisterWives was full of the energy that THON demands. The band members danced around the stage in both choreographed and freestyle moves. Mandy Lee reminded everyone that this was a dance-a-thon, and she wanted to see dancing. The screaming crowd happily obliged. With all the excitement, there was no denying it — THON was well under way.

MisterWives’ two biggest hits, “Reflections” and “Our Own House” were especially popular with THON participants, who sang along so loudly that Mandy Lee said the BJC felt like a sing-a-thon. MisterWives brought great energy to the night and was a special treat for dancers, THON children, and spectators alike.

Committee member and senior criminology major Michael Al-Khal shared his excitement with VALLEY. He said, “I thought the concert was great. It was really lively music that got us pumped up and excited to start THON. It’s a long marathon and this is a good way to get people excited.”

Less than five hours in, THON is already off to a rocking start! What upcoming THON events are you most excited for?



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