10 Post-THON Feelings as Depicted by FRIENDS

Posted by Giphy.com

Whether it is your first THON or your last THON, there is something every Penn Stater can agree upon— THON is hard to explain. Maybe it’s because you spend a delirious 46 hours awake with everyone in your school or maybe its because there truly is some magic in the BJC when the kids come to town. Whatever the case, THON is one of Penn State’s biggest weekends. With the help of our friends on “Friends,” here are feelings every Penn Stater has after THON weekend.

When you step out of the BJC for the first time all weekend.

Is that the sun?!? How do my legs work?


When you finally get home and stretch out on your bed, or your couch, or your kitchen floor for the first time.

This is all I’ve ever wanted. Stretching out has never felt so good.


When you realize you’ve only eaten chicken baskets and fruit snacks all weekend and you decide to order the whole Chinese buffet.

How did I not realize how hungry I was all weekend?!? Give me the General Tso’s platter, two eggrolls, and  fried rice please.


When your friends agree to get breakfast the next morning because 46 hours just wasn’t enough time together.

Cause lets be real, after 46 hours of laughing, dancing, and crying together— 8 hours apart is going to make you miss them so much.


When you see your friends in the days following and start doing parts of the line dance.

“IGNITE! ELECTRIFY! Come on raise your diamonds high!”


When you finally check your email and your professors have so many assignments due.

No no no, I forgot about all of my responsibilities until now.

When you feel the need to Instagram every photo you took THON weekend.

From the face paint to the bubbles to the crowd to the athlete pictures, there were so many opportunities for great photos so why post just one?


When you feel rested enough to go to class on Monday and then quickly realize you were wrong.

I’ve made a mistake, I don’t think I can function today.


When you get sad because you realize the best weekend of the year has come and gone.

A year long preparation for 46 hours is pretty bittersweet once it’s over.


But then you remember it’s never too early to start preparing for THON 2018!!!