11 Tips For Committee Members For THON Weekend

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So you’re a committee member for THON 2018? First of all, know you’re about to have one of the most amazing weekends of your life. The people you have been bonding with for months? You’ll get even closer with them over THON weekend. You’ll dance #FTK® and be able to see the culmination of all of your efforts.

Before all of these amazing things though, you need to prepare yourself (mentally, physically, emotionally), and VALLEY is here to help!

1. Clothes Prep

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This may seem excessive, but we promise it’s not. Setting out your clothes before the weekend will make your life SO much easier when you’re tired, hungry, and probably a little moody.

2. Meal Prep

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Having healthy meals in the middle of your shifts is essential to maintaining your stamina during THON weekend. It could be 3 a.m. and you’ll be eating dinner, but it’s a must when you’re volunteering for long hours.

3. Extra Pair (Or Two) Of Sneakers

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When you’re on your feet for so long it’s important to have an extra pair of sneakers, both for support and so they don’t smell after THON weekend. Although if they do, baby powder is the answer, ladies and gentlemen.

4. Snacks

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Healthy snacks with high protein will get you through your shifts. That being said, make sure your snacks are things you actually like so you can look forward to them. 

5. Water, Water, And More Water

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This may seem self explanatory, but you may forget to drink water when on shift. DON’T do this. Ask your fellow committee members to remind you so you stay hydrated, and make sure your remind them, too.

6. Tennis Balls

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Veteran committee members know this trick. For newbies, though, trust us, tennis balls will save your feet THON weekend.

7. Fanny Packs

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If you haven’t already figured this one out—we are here to tell you that your fanny pack will be your best friend during THON weekend. They will hold everything from portable phone chargers to deodorant. Neon colored ones are preferable, obviously.

8. Purell

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As we’ve said, staying healthy is a must during the weekend because some kids are still going through treatment. Having Purell on hand will help you in the effort to keep everyone in the BJC healthy.

9. Elevate Your Feet

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Elevation is key when you’re running around for hours on end. This will help any swelling go down.

10. Hygiene

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Do what you need to do—aka bring deodorant or face wash in your fanny pack. Washing your face or brushing your teeth will make you feel like a new person at 2 a.m.

11. Smile

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We know you will be tired, but smiling and remembering why you are there in the first place will make the minimal sleep and sore feet all worth it!

For The Kids™!


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