Taking Care of Yourself THON Weekend

Photo by Eric Shih

With THON weekend quickly approaching, State College and it’s students are gearing up for a weekend For The Kids™. Eating unhealthy food from the Bryce Jordan Center, sleeping less and standing for hours at a time without rest may seem easy when it’s FTK, but THON weekend can take its toll on students’ health, especially in the middle of February. VALLEY has your quintessential guide for taking care of yourself over THON weekend.


Photo by Eric Shih

While a BJC grilled cheese or hot dog won’t hurt every once in a while, organizations that stay in the stadium for the majority of the 46 hours may find themselves eating greasy food for most meals of the day. Stadium food like chicken fingers, burgers and fries contain a lot of salt, grease and calories. To combat the potential negative effects of these foods on your body, skin and overall health, VALLEY suggests meal-prepping for the weekend.

The best friend of fitness gurus and health-conscious travelers, meal-prepping for the weekend will both cut down the time needed to make or buy food and prevent waking up sick on Monday. Cook ahead of time and use tupperware containers to store healthier meal options for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday meals that you’ll have time to eat during your breaks without the added time crunch caused by going home and cooking.


THON is well-known for the “no sleep” aspect. For everyone who isn’t a dancer, any and all breaks are usually used to catch up on sleep before heading back to the BJC. To maximize your time spent resting, consider the specialized Blue Loop and White Loop schedules. Both buses offer 24-hour services during THON weekend. Downloading the CATA app to track the buses will award you valuable minutes under the covers and keep you out of the cold for longer than necessary. If you live further from the BJC, crashing at a closer friend’s apartment or dorm that allows you more shut-eye can also be a helpful move.


Photo by Eric Shih

Photo by Eric Shih








As well as “no sleeping,” THON is known for its “no sitting” policy. As tempting as it can be to roll out of bed and hop on the Woop, taking a couple minutes after your maximized sleep time to stretch can be valuable. Standing for hours without any sitting or resting puts a strain on the body. Take a cue from the dancers and do some stretches beforehand to loosen up your muscles and prepare your body for your next shift.

There’s a reason THON is commonly referred to as the best weekend of the year. In the midst of the most inspiring couple days of each year, it’s easy to neglect your own health while having a blast at the BJC.  Remember to take care of yourself this THON weekend, so you can feel your best while doing your best for the kids.


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