THON Merchandise: One Purpose For The Kids

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Though spring semester hasn’t hit yet, Penn Staters are already thinking about the most anticipated weekend of the year—THON weekend. And that’s because THON is a yearlong effort, which is apparent even just walking around campus. Students sporting anything that proudly displays the logo of Penn State’s Dance Marathon is almost as prominent as regular Penn State apparel.

THON merchandise is on display and ready for purchase at the THON store at the HUB year-round. Supporters can also visit the THON Store website to purchase merchandise.

Evan Young, the Merchandise Marketing Captain for THON 2018, reminds us that simply buying merchandise is another great way to support THON.

“Our products are designed to spread awareness for our cause,” says Young. “Personally, I’m from Texas, and when I wear a THON item at home people ask me about it and they ask how they can donate. It’s a really good way to spread our mission and spread our efforts, just by wearing clothes.

The THON store has released several exciting new products during the fall 2017 semester. The first new product of this semester was the shirt that featured hands in the shape of the diamond that represents the Four Diamonds Fund.

The next products were the emerald THON 5K shirts and the thermal mugs that feature the “One Purpose For the Kids” design.

The store has also received a variety of other items like athletic shorts, bracelets and journals.

“Bucket hats are a new thing that we got in this year that we’re really excited about,” says Young.

The new logo for THON 2018 will be revealed at the Family Carnival on Sunday, Dec. 3. Supporters will be able to purchase merchandise with the new logo right after the reveal.

THON supporters can also look forward to new merchandise releases leading up to and during the THON 2018 weekend.

Even with all these new and exciting products, the THON store makes sure to stay stocked with all Penn State’s classics. Young says that a constant favorite is the light blue crew necks that says “Dance Marathon.”

“We also have things like our baseball tees, our logo merchandise from THON 2017 as well as our tons of different shirts,” says Young.

Young, who can often be found working the desk at the THON store at the HUB, enjoys that Penn Staters are so supportive of THON.

“Some people that you see are committee members, some people are captains, others are in special interest orgs or in Greek life,” says Young. “THON really is a campus-wide thing that people from no matter what background come together for, so I think that’s a really cool thing seeing the different THON volunteers and supporters coming in to buy merchandise.”

Follow the THON store twitter account for updates on new products and current sales.


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