Fabulous for a Cause: Drag Fund for Hexxa

Photo by Janie Cassady

The drag community of State College came together and put on a show to raise money for one of their own, Hexxa, who, due to a recent injury, has an excessive amount of medical bills. The event took place on Tues., Nov. 7 at Cafe210 at 10 p.m.

During the final rounds of a drag competition, Hexxa tore her hamstring and had to be rushed to the hospital, heels and all. She underwent surgery to correct the injury and has been completing physical therapy in her recovery.

When Hexxa isn’t busy lighting up the stage with her killer kicks and splits, she is a kineseology major at Penn State, so she understands the full extent of her injury. However, she expects to make a full recovery and plans to be back doing the splits in stilettos in time for the spring show. In the mean time, Hexxa isn’t letting her injury hold her back. At the event, she took the stage, crutches in tow, and gave two powerful performances, each expressing her ability to overcome pain and be empowered. She dramatically dropped her crutches and ripped off her leg brace, garnering supportive cheers from the crowd.

In additon to Hexxa, there were ten performers in total for the evening, each offering a completely unique drag experience. From Absinthe’s mesmerizing girations to Patent Pending’s flawless twirls, each performance was one-of-a-kind and totally unforgettable.

Cyllynthe io kicked off the show with a passionate Spanish number. She buzzed around the bar collecting dollar bills like a bee collecting pollen. Next up was Tempis Bliss, who came out with electric blue curls down to her waist and weaved through the crowd, fully aware that all eyes were on her.

Later on in the show, Absinthe took the stage. Host Ivanna Coxx described the queen as “Wednesday Adams on crack.” Absinthe gave a haunting-yet-fun performance full of intense shaking and perfectly precise movements, complete with white, thigh-high go-go boots.

The following performances each displayed high levels of stage presence, engaging the crowd. The performances themselves were celebrations of confidence and empowerment, and the sentiment was contagious.

Hexxa has been doing drag for over a year. Drag has not only given her more confidence, but it has also shown her a new perspective on life and given a platform to show a completely different side of herself.

Hexxa claims that she started off with little to no makeup skills, but you would never know from her ombre lips, expertly-applied eyeshadow, and perfectly-on-fleek eyebrows.

“It is art,” she says.

Hexxa learned her makeup skills from the other queens. Just like they support each other in makeup endeavors, they are also there for one another during times of need, as this event exemplified.

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