The Five People You Meet At THON

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As every Penn Stater knows, THON is an amazing celebration that brings all sorts of people together for an awesome cause. Every year, without fail, there are a few specific types of people who you’ll meet at THON every single year.

The Energetic One

This person is lit. They are pumped up and ready to have a great time for a great cause. This person is on their feet the whole time, joining in on every cheer as enthusiastically as possible. This person is there to make sure everybody is having a good time. This is the one who starts every cheer and takes the crowd’s energy to the next level. This person is probably the one providing that much-needed second wind for everyone.

The Emotional One

THON can be a very emotional experience. Since the entire focus of the event is to help find a cure for pediatric cancer, there are so many incredibly moving stories of families and children fighting for their lives. This person never forgets the true purpose of THON and can’t help but be moved by so many people dancing for a cure.

The Sleepy One

This person is trying their best. THON takes an insane amount of energy for dancers, but sometimes even spectators have to hope for that second wind to keep themselves going. This person is fighting through the exhaustion to keep the party going.

The Fashionista

This person went all out. From fanny packs to neon socks, even a tutu, this person is dressed to the nines in classic THON gear that will stand out in a crowd with even the craziest of colors.

The Kids

If you’re fortunate enough to get onto the floor, you will see some tiny people that are full of so much life, love and happiness. Do not be afraid to go up to them and start talking to them. Make sure that they’re all having a great time because this weekend really is all For The Kids™. Do everything you can to take their mind off of this difficult time and show them the magic that is THON.


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