The Fanny Pack Is Back

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With THON coming up in less than one week, the hype here on campus is unreal. Whether students have been raising money through their THON organizations or canvassing on the weekends, Happy Valley is a lot happier when it comes to raising money for childhood cancer.

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With the excitement in the air, VALLEY wants all students to get prepared a few days early with some essentials you’ll need for the long-awaited dance marathon. Since bulky bags and huge backpacks are banned from entering the Bryce Jordan Center, the return of the fanny pack comes in handy! Here’s what VALLEY recommends you bring with you:

  1. Hand Sanitizer

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Considering you and your friends are going to be jammed into a tiny space for hours, bringing hand sanitizer with you is a must. Not only will you be smushed against your peers, but the flu and other sicknesses have been rampant, staying healthy is crucial for staying at THON.

  1. Water Gun

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THON is known for having a few staples such as the ever-popular water gun. It’s good to have fun with your friends and just act like kids once in a while with the atmosphere action that are going on in the BJC. Similarly, bubbles and hot loops are a great way to just release your inner child and enjoy yourself throughout THON weekend. Don’t concern yourself with the opinions of those who are too cool for school and can’t let loose for a bit.

  1. Granola Bars

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Walking around the Bryce Jordan center will keep you busy throughout the long 46 hours, but by the time your stomach starts to growl, your meal plan will go down the drain. The food being sold gets expensive relatively quickly. So before leaving your dorm, hit up the nearest market and grab a few granola bars or tiny snacks to keep you full for an extra few hours.

“With my first THON coming up in less than a week, I’m so excited to be a part of this huge movement,” says Paulina Patino, a freshman majoring in advertising and public relations. “Since students are only allowed a small bag, I’m definitely going for a fanny pack and stuffing a million snacks inside because I’m always thinking about food.”

  1. Portable Phone Charger

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If you do actually manage to get your phone to work in the BJC, that is a miracle on its own, but your battery will be gone before you know it. A portable phone charger is the key to keeping you connected to the outside world. The odds of you finding an outlet are slim to none and become nearly impossible when you find out that 10,000 other people are trying to charge their phone.

  1. Toiletries

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Dancing and standing will definitely have you tired and, unfortunately, smelly, too. Head downtown sometime this week and grab a mini-sized deodorant that will keep you smelling fresh. While you’re at it consider picking up another toothbrush and toothpaste to wake you up in the early hours in the stands.

Photo by Dana Weltman

VALLEY can’t wait any longer for what’s to come this weekend, and wishes you all a fun and amazing time! With these few essentials, you’ll be all set!


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