Your guy might need a makeover if…

For ladies, finding your inner fashionista usually doesn’t even need a second thought. But sometimes, the men in our lives could use a little more help in that department. So if your boyfriend or best guy friend isn’t quite up to par when it comes to his wardrobe, here is our guide to the most common male fashion faux pas and how to turn your guy into a better-dressed version of himself.

Fashion Violation #1: The favorite T-shirt

Sure, every guy has that one favorite T-shirt that he does everything in: play sports, work out, eat, sleep. It’s great to have that go-to top. Here’s the catch, though: If it is losing its color, has holes, armpit stains or doesn’t fit him correctly, it might be time to get rid of it and find a new favorite T-shirt. As the saying goes, “If you love something, set it free.” Try heading downtown to Urban Outfitters and update him with a classy V-neck instead.

Fashion Violation #2: Super baggy jeans

Unless you’re in a ‘90s boy band, REALLY baggy jeans are a fashion don’t . When it comes to finding jeans that look good, the perfect fit is essential. If your guy wears jeans that are too baggy for his legs, not the appropriate length or show his boxers when he walks, it might be time to take him shopping for a new pair — or at least for a belt.

Fashion Violation #3: The avid sports fan

Guys always love to support their favorite sports team. And usually it’s adorable that he wants to show off his fan pride. However, as much as the Yankees, Steelers and Knicks appreciate it, it’s not necessary to represent your favorite baseball team on your hat, favorite football team on your shirt and favorite basketball team on your shorts all at the same time. Try encouraging him to switch it up with a non-logo embellished outfit. And if all else fails, encourage your guy to stick to one team per outfit. Period.

Fashion Violation #4: Worn-out shoes and socks

…or socks and sandals, which shouldn’t even seem like a good idea. If your guy owns only one pair of beat-up shoes, it’s time for him to invest in another pair. One pair of sneakers cannot function as basketball shoes, work-out shoes and slippers for around the dorm or apartment.

Fashion Violation #5: The colorblind matcher

Sadly, matching colors together is usually where guys go wrong. They see a blue shirt and blue shorts, and they naturally assume the two match because they are both blue. Yeah, not so much.

Color scheming is important because wearing three different shades of blue does not match. Try to help your guy out by explaining this to him (maybe bring a color wheel with you), and offer some suggestions on what colors look best on him. Also encourage him to step outside of his comfort zone — for example, pale yellow is always an unexpectedly awesome color on guys.

Photo by Ian Lopera

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