Musing with Manouska: Three fashion approaches

A minimalist approach

Name: Andrea Fochler
Year: Sophomore
From: Altoona, Pa.
Major: Marketing

Taking advantage of the weather, Fochler takes a minimalist approach to greet spring with open arms. Instead of opting for overly bright and festive pieces, she keeps the color pallet on this look simple and neutral. A fan of soft pastel and subtle floral prints, Fochler keeps in mind which colors best compliment her fair skin tone. This look is simple and to the point, something to appreciate on this busy and hectic campus! 

A detailed approach

Name: Amber Hutchinson
Year: Junior
From: Los Angeles
Major: Anthropology

Talk about fashion that speaks with substance. Hutchinson isn’t a fan of brands and clearly has a good eye for vintage and thrifty finds. Among many other things I admire about Hutchinson’s look, she has an appreciation for the simple details — right down to the buttons, pleats and pockets of her high-waist shorts. While getting to know Hutchinson, I learned there was a method and philosophy to all of her awesome style selections. “I buy things that are built to last,” she says. “There’s always something or some story behind almost every piece I have. My closet tells a story.”

An in-tune approach

Name: Alisha Acquaye
Year: Senior
From: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Major: Communications

Feeling moved by the warm sun and friendly vibes of the spring weather, Acquaye fully embodies “spring has sprung” with her That ‘70s Show inspired look. With flared, sheer printed bellbottoms from Urban Outfitters and a cropped, soft denim button-up, Acquaye pulls these threads together with a beautiful smile and orange lipstick for an additional “pop!” Loving every bit of it!

Photos by Yuting Zhang

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