Musing with Manouska: Specs and shades


Whether you’re trying to embody your inner hipster, simply correcting your myopic or hyperopic vision (fancy talk for nearsighted and farsighted vision) or maybe just doing a little bit of both, it’s all about choosing the perfect frame to complement your everyday style. I was never really a big fan of framed vision, being a spectacle owner myself, but stumbling upon these ‘spec’ wearers and hearing their thoughts on glasses has really got me interested in making a spectacular investment (I know, I’m a dork!).

Do you find your specs to be a trend or investment piece?

“These [glasses] are more of an investment but also a trend, I guess. I’m not a contact wearer and I really like the print of the glasses. They’re dorky and fun like me!” – Birago Osei, senior, biobehavioral health

“An investment definitely, but something stylish. It’s something I actually need to survive. Some people think it’s just for style but it’s an essential piece for me.” – Atina Kelbuganova, freshman, electrical engineering

“A little bit of both. I’ve been wearing glasses since first grade and these are kind of trendy because it has the whole grandma-vintage look going on.” – Zoey Gutierrez, junior, print journalism


I have a sunglasses obsession. And, no, I don’t think I’m too cool for school or a celebrity dodging the paparazzi. I merely enjoy the privacy of letting my eyes wander wherever they please and, on a more serious note, my eyes really, really dislike anything brighter than a dimly lit room. So I’m sure you would all agree that the only way to assuage my visual dislikes and preferences is with a stylish pair of shades. Check out these fellow shade wearers — their cool frame selections and ideologies speak to me.

Davon Robinson, a senior majoring in English, describes how he wears his Ray-Bans every day — everywhere and anytime. Robinson also makes an interesting analogy between himself, life and his mysterious shades. “Life is hidden sometimes, like me,” he says. “In order to understand, you have to look past the secrecy. [The shades] also add a little feng shui to my look.”

Yuting Zhang, a sophomore advertising major and also my lovely column photographer, shows off her amazing Australian-brand shades! “I like square-shaped things and wear these whenever I feel like it,” she says.

Mike Dice, a senior studying music, admits his shades aren’t the best against the sun’s rays. But a memento from the ‘70s, his mother’s vintage sunglasses are unique and remind him of her. “I’d usually rate myself a three to five [on a scale of one to 10],” he says, “then when I put [the shades] on, I’m like an 11 — off the charts!”

Interviewing Melody Stringer, a senior philosophy major, left me with a newfound appreciation for the geometry of fashion — resulting in my new rounded sunglasses purchase (no swagger jacking intended!). “They’re corky in a way and I usually wear them depending on my look,” she says. “I like geometrical shapes and the tortoise print makes them classic.”

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