Smooth Sale-ing: Savings hot of the racks

For the ultimate clearance experience, rack up savings from the sale section.

To get your Penn State apparel fixing, The Clothesline Factory as well as the Lion & Cub offers school spirit clothing, all at discounted prices. Instead of paying full price for a new tee to wear this Blue and White Weekend, hit up these store’s racks for a cute and affordable tank.

The Metro has flirty dresses and summer tanks, but when looking to spend less, The Metro Underground is the place to purchase. Located literally just downstairs from The Metro, The Metro Underground is always 50% off the regular store’s price and occasionally discounts go as high as 70% off! Don’t be afraid to really search this shop for bargains on shoes, bright tops and accessories.

Penn State has been given a reputation (whether fairly bestowed or not) for loving a good riot, which could be why Connections Clothing is currently having a riot sale. With all the brand name items only $5-$40, this is something to get street-storming excited for. You may have to make room in your closet when Access has big offers, like their buy-one, get-one free deals for all clothing on sale.

As the weather gets warmer, also start to pay attention as there are more and more sidewalk sales. Always be on the lookout for racks outside stores because chances are they dirt cheap. Of course the downside to these types of sales is they may be colder weather apparel but this could be seen as an advantage. Buying that inexpensive sweatshirt could pay off on the occasional rainy or chilly day later on in the year.


Photo by Nina Abbott.


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