Goodbye parkas, hello spring jackets

Ladies, it’s time to ditch those parkas. Spring jacket season has (finally) arrived!

Spring is here, and although State College is known for its unpredictable weather, investing in the perfect light-weight jacket is the best way to outsmart Mother Nature. Not only are jackets practical for staying warm on those chilly Happy Valley nights or sprinting across campus to make your 8 a.m., they can also give any outfit a chic twist. Gone are the days of blah, basic winter colors — blacks and browns, we’re talking to you. Spring is the time to harness a bright, fresh spirit. And what better way to start than with your jacket choice?

You might be tempted to jump right into bright colors for a spring jacket, like bold red or cheery yellow, but this spring it’s all about keeping it ladylike. When selecting your jacket, think about opting for an eggshell, beige or pretty, muted pink instead.

It’s also important to consider the material of the jacket. Because the weather is always changing, a light-yet-durable material is best. When it comes to the fabric of choice, breathable knits and cottons are always best.

And with seemingly endless styles available this season, you really can’t go wrong. This spring, some of our favorites are the classic A-line coat, the biker jacket and, of course, the tailored cropped jacket.

Ready to find your perfect spring jacket? Check out some of these fun options below that are both adorable and easy on your budget (all available downtown and ranging in price from $50-$150)!

Snag something classic or bold at Flesh Décor (332 E. Calder Way).






Or, if you’re looking to keep it ladylike with neutrals, head to Connections (130 S. Allen St.)!





Photos by Yuting Zhang

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