Musing with Manouska: DIY braided headband

With all this amazing weather I was feeling a bit DIY inspired, so I created a custom, super-simple braided headband. I’m really into bold oranges this year, and I’ve always appreciated clean, crisp white fabrics in the warm, sunny weather. Those colors were the inspiration for my project, but feel free to use whichever colors and prints you’d like for your own look!

  1. Cut three pieces of fabric about 3 inches in width and how ever long according to the perimeter of your head. Remember to leave excess fabric at the ends to tie headband.
  2. At one end, tie the three different fabrics together. I suggest using a hair-tie, shoelace or ribbon to secure the knot.
  3. Braid the fabric long enough to wrap around your entire head. Remember to leave excess fabric to tie headband. It helps to have someone hold the ends or to hold the fabrics in between your legs as you braid.
  4. Take one of the outer-most strands of the three different fabrics and use it to wrap around the other two strands and make a knot. Use fabric glue to secure the knot and if necessary, knot a second time for extra security. Remove the hair-tie, shoelace, ribbon or whatever you chose from step two and repeat this step.
  5. You have just created your very own custom-made braided headband. Now go show off to your friends and enjoy!

Get creative! Try this same technique to create even more accessories. This headband makes a pretty cool necklace, too!

Photos by Yuting Zhang

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