Yoga Pants: The College Girl’s Version of the LBD

JonathanHsieh.YogaPants#1Yoga pants have become a staple in college girl’s closets everywhere. We wear them to class, we wear them hanging around and we’re lucky if we actually wear them while doing yoga.

Similar to the Little Black Dress, these pants have become a go-to item of clothing. Comfier than a pair of broken-in jeans and more versatile than your favorite new skirt, they guarantee a perfect fit wear after wear.

As busy college students, we’re always frantic in a morning rush. The last thing on our minds when we wake up is what we’re going to wear that day – making yoga pants a top pick in our closets. They’re easy, comfortable and thanks to a wide range of style and color options, they’re fashionable.

“They’re easy to put on and very flattering – definitely nicer than wearing sweatpants. Yoga pants and Uggs are the most comfortable combination. They’re my favorite study outfit,” Samantha Revello, junior.

Revello brings up an important characteristic of our favorite LBP (Little Black Pants): their ability to flatter nearly every body shape and size. Mostly a combination of spandex and cotton, yoga pants give just the right amount of support in all the perfect places. When paired with your favorite t-shirt or sweatshirt, the snug fit allows you to show off your figure without drowning in baggy fabric.

If you’re still holding out on the yoga pants trend, now is the time to experience what makes these LBP so great. Valley has prepared a list of our top three yoga pants for every budget.

1. The Most-Loved Yoga Pant from Victoria’s Secret (2/$55). – Victoria’s Secret offers the classic yoga fit while simultaneously allowing you the chance to show off your personal style with a variety of colors to choose from. A must-have for a LBP fashionista.

2. gFlex Pants from Gap ($54.95) – The combination of spandex and nylon make these yoga pants perfect for the girl on-the-go. The classic solid black color makes them versatile and stylish.

3. The Groove Pant by Lululemon ($98)- A bit pricier than your typical LBP, but worth the splurge. Lululemon guarantees great quality and an athletic fit that’s great for working out.

Fashionable, comfortable, and effortless, yoga pants have earned their spot in closets everywhere. With all the great choices available, there’s no reason not to slip into a pair of LBP this season.

Photo by Jonathan Hsieh


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