Velvet, Peplum, and Wedged Sneakers, Oh My!


New seasons mean new styles. Winter is now upon us and so are the new trends! Despite the freezing temperatures and lack of sun, this season’s trends will warm any fashionista’s heart.

Velvet, peplum, studs and sneaker wedges can be found everywhere from the runway to the streets. Trends come and go, so before adding these pieces to your winter wardrobe consider if they are worth the money. Are these winter trends just a fleeting phase or here to stay?

As the temperature drops, it’s hard to find a good balance between comfort and style. This is no longer a problem with velvet: the perfect combination of cozy and chic.

Velvet can be seen lining shelves as dresses, skirts, leggings, boots and bags. While velvet may be a staple for this season, will it last?

“I think velvet will stay through the winter, at least. It definitely depends on the season,” says Cara Zierke, a sales associate at Urban Outfitters. “We had a velvet dress here that went in a second,” she says.

Though velvet may only last you through the winter, it will be sure to remain a seasonal favorite for years to come.

Typical summer clothing like denim jackets, flannel, corsets and crop tops are all being adjusted to fit the cold State College weather. The same can be said for this popular summer trend: Peplum.

Think again before you put those cute peplum shirts away until next summer, ladies! Peplum is making its way into winter wardrobes in darker and more sophisticated shades. This is a classic look that has lasted through the seasons, so you can be sure this trend will be here for a while.

If a girly look isn’t quite for you, take a walk on the wild side with studs. Embrace your inner rocker with the new studs and spikes trend this winter.

“I love studs,” senior Meghan Campbell says. “It’s very trendy.”

Studs and spikes adorn jean vests, denim bottoms, shorts, wallets, sweaters and even phone cases. This look has been around for quite some time and it’s picking up popularity now. You can find studs everywhere– in stores downtown or online. Though studs are here to stay for the winter, there’s a chance they may sizzle out by next season.

This winter, sneakers are no longer just for hitting the gym or a morning jog. Sneaker wedges bring a new edge to common footwear. This trend can add a burst of personality and attitude to your wardrobe.

Senior Kristin Dennison says she has seen some cute sneaker wedges, but they are too expensive. While they may be an awesome alternative to regular footwear, sneaker wedges are more of an expensive winter fad than a wardrobe staple.

Before shelling out the big bucks for any of these trends, consider if these pieces are going to last beyond the winter– even if they are really cool, right now.

Photo by AshleyMilillo


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