Stylish Men: Sporting a Sleeker Look

KimberlyBartner_mensfashionWith an abundance of snapbacks, sports t-shirts, Timberlands and jeans walking around Penn State’s campus, men might wonder how they can stand out. Here’s a closer look at how guys can add some variety to their wardrobe.

Brian Cohen, the owner of Harper’s (114 West College Ave), a store dedicated to fine clothing and sportswear for men, said this year, men have been sporting a slimmer and sleeker look in their clothing.

“In tailored clothing, the trends are definitely slimmer looks,” Cohen said. “When it comes to men’s suits and sports coats, even dress trousers, things are definitely looking slimmer, sleeker, closer cut.”

Dress shirts are meant to be more fitted, ties will be skinner, he said. He added that the preppy look, which has made a large appearance in men’s clothing at Penn State, will continue to be seen on campus.

“In sportswear, we’re seeing a strong return to the preppy looks, with lines like Vineyard Vines,” Cohen said. “It’s been extremely popular in the southern schools and it’s popular [at Penn State], but getting more popular.”

One hot topic on campus among the gentlemen seems to be the Vineyard Vines plaid shirts, Cohen said, which Harper’s keeps restocking on the shelves.

This coming spring, expect a lot of men sporting the preppy button downs, boat shoes, made-in-America products and different grey shaded tailored suits, he said.

“The big difference isn’t really always the fashion, it’s the silhouette and the shape of it,” Cohen said. “Those preppy looking plaids in the 80s were all oversized and big, but you know, the guys have the same look, but it’s more tailored, more fitted today.”

A fitted, preppy look seems to be popular among many male Penn State students, but what about men who enjoy an edgier look?

For those looking to sport the street style look, Danny Ferrell, a junior and sales associate at Urban Outfitters (234 East College Ave), said that some great trends among men this year include wearing an oversized sweatshirt or jacket with skinny jeans.

Ferrell also said that pattern mixing and texture mixing are huge this year.

“We’re seeing a lot of pattern mixing. You can have a geometric pattern and more of an organic pattern on top or bottom.” Ferrell said.

Boots are also on the rise this year, Ferrell said, whether that is combat boots, brown boots or buster boots. Denim is also a very strong piece of clothing this year.

“Everybody needs a denim button down, a great pair of jeans that actually fit, a pair of really nice boots and then just a basic v-neck― a black v-neck, a white v-neck, a grey v-neck,” Ferrell said. “Something that’s basic; neutral. Something that you can dress up and dress down.”

But for Ferrell, it’s not necessarily about trying to impress others, but more about feeling like himself in an outfit.

Ferrell said when he’s walking around Penn State campus he finds that, “genders are trying to impress each other to their own fault.”

“What’s more attractive is someone who’s wearing something that you know makes them feel good,” Ferrell said. “You don’t see that a lot.”

Photo by Kimberly Bartner


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