Would You Wear It?: Spiritual Jewelry

Jonathan.EvilEyeJewelryCelebrities like Kim Kardashian and Madonna have been donning jewelry with a spiritual meaning for years now. Finally this season, spiritual jewelry is the hottest accessory. Some of the most popular religious accessories like sideways crucifix necklaces and evil eye bracelets are flying off the shelves and proved to be a big hit this past holiday season. But before you flaunt your religious jewelry, you should know a little bit about what the piece means.

Luckycharmsusa.com says, “the evil eye refers to the supernatural ability to cast spells or exercise power over the lives of others with a mere glance.” As protection against evil and jealousy, the evil eye is worn to stare back at the eyes of harm. Parents sometimes put evil eye jewelry on their children to promote strength, growth and good health.

Hamsa jewelry is also very popular and is a common motif in Jewish and Middle Eastern Jewelry. Like evil eye jewelry, hamsa jewelry is said to protect against the evil eye.

Of course, we’ve all seen people wearing crucifix necklaces, but a new spin has been put on these pieces. Designers are now positioning the crucifixes sideways on necklaces and bracelets as seen on Selena Gomez and Kourtney Kardashian.

“I really think people who aren’t religious shouldn’t be wearing a crucifix to make a fashion statement,” says Francesca Bonaccorsi, junior. “Some of the jewelry out there that has a cross on it is really pretty, but if you’re not a practicing religious person I don’t think it should be worn.”

Let us know what you think of religious jewelry as a fashion statement in the comments.

Photo by Jonathan Hsieh


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