Winter Whites: Fashion Faux Pas?

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White clothing is typically ‘banned’ in the fashion world after Labor Day. Whenever Memorial Day rolls around, people are happy to finally break out the white jeans that are buried in the back of their closets all winter.

But why are we not supposed to wear white in the winter? How did this rule come about? According to Marie Claire, the “no white after Labor Day” rule was made by socialites to separate the ‘old money’ group from the new money. Those who could afford to leave the city during the summer to go vacation would wear white and other light colored clothing.

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Once Labor Day was made a national holiday, it signified the end of the summer and the beginning of fall. The elite would pack away their light colored leisure-wear and start wearing their darker more ‘serious’ clothing.

Is this rule outdated? Notable fashion critics, such as those in Vogue, and certain celebrities seem to think we should bury this law instead of burying our white jeans. Here at VALLEY, we are in agreement. Winter whites can be a classy and sophisticated addition to your ensemble.

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Kim Kardashian has always been one to break barriers in the fashion industry. In the photo above she can be seen wearing a long, tight white dress with a dark lip. A great example of incorporating the dark colors of the winter months with white.

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Emily Ratjkowski can be seen above wearing a white, flowy dress that would normally be reserved for the summer months. However, Emily is rocking this look in the middle of the fall. The thicker material makes this dress wearable for when it is starting to get a chilly outside, and here at VALLEY we love this look.

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Gigi Hadid is wearing a beautiful white sweater with fur at the end of the sleeves. The fur makes this look perfect for the winter, since we can rarely wear fur in the summer (we would never stop sweating). The snakeskin boots also help this ensemble look fit for winter, since animal print is more popular after Labor Day.

VALLEY loves that people are finally throwing out the “no white after Labor Day” rule and wearing what they want, when they want! VALLEY wants to know what you think of this fashion faux pas. Should we stick with the rule? Or leave it in the past. Tweet us @VALLEYMag with your thoughts!



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