Be The Light: Using Colors to Dress Positively

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Now more than ever, we need a little positive energy to brighten things up. What better way to do that than being a positive energy yourself? Colors are so important in conveying emotion, even if we don’t think about it. Here are a few colors you should try to channel that positive energy and spread the love!

Bright Yellow

Yellow is the universal happy color. It symbolizes warmth and joy and it means the same thing in practically every culture. It’s important to find a shade of yellow you’re comfortable in whether that’s something that pops and catches everyone’s eye or something more subtle but still gentle and cheerful. Choosing the right tone is important because some skin tones may look washed out by certain shades of yellow. However, even just accessorizing with yellow can make you feel more confident and will make you radiate positive energy.

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Even though beige doesn’t scream “Hey look at me, I’m happy!”, it does convey comfort and contentedness. It’s a color that drifts peacefully through the world of fashion and will always be in style because it’s so neutral and chic. Beige is light-toned so it’s pleasing to the eye and compliments pretty much all skin tones. 

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Ahh, pink… Representing compassion, cheer and all things romantic, wearing pink is a bold move but a great move nonetheless. Especially in today’s day and age, it’s great to see that pink is being worn as a unisex color, challenging gender norms and building a new level of confidence and empowerment that people associate with the color. 

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If pink is too bold, we’ll move on to a softer color: lilac. Lilac can represent renewal and personal restarting, like lilacs blooming in the spring. The color also radiates calm energy and peace, it’s like a toned-down version of pink, giving off the same energy while not being as attention-grabbing. The color is pleasant and has surprisingly been “in” recently, seen on multiple runways of known fashion houses such as Jacquemus and Off-White. Try wearing lilac accents to signify personal growth. The color works well with beige and olive green tones.  

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Mint Green

Sticking with the theme of pastel shades, mint green is perfect for channeling positive energy. The same color as the water at beautiful white sand beaches… Mint green evokes a carefree feel, reminiscent of spring and summer and of times of no stress. The color is slightly nostalgic, so wearing it can radiate childlike weightlessness–like yellow–that just puts everyone in a better mood. 

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Positive energy is universal, it has no borders. We are all in the same boat right now and being a source of positivity can be as simple as channeling happiness through your outfit. What are your go-to positive colors?

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