What Guys Think of High Heels

Zucker_whatguysthink_heelsStilettos, sling backs, kitten, and cone heels are not common words used in the college male vocabulary.  Are men oblivious to women’s fashion trends or are they just not interested in them?  Are men even aware to what women are wearing on their feet?

Today, footwear is more versatile than it’s ever been.  They make Sperry’s for women and pumps for men.  One thing that you will not find in the male shoe department is the high-heeled shoe.

“Honestly, I do not know a thing about high-heels.  I don’t know why women wear them but I give them a lot credit,” says Matthew McGuire, 23.

What is the allure of high heels?

High heels are known for their style and slenderness but they are infamous for their discomfort and future medical problems.

When asked about current style and trends, the majority of men interviewees were clueless.

“I have no idea who Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, or Jimmy Choo is, but all of their names sound European,” says Tom Morgan, 22.  Christian Louboutoin, Monolo Bhlanik, and Jimmy Choo happen to be some of the world’s most famous shoe designers.

“Why are girl’s shoes so complicated?” asks Morgan, who is astonished that there are over twenty different styles for the high-heeled shoe.  Some heels range from two to six inches (12 if you are Lady Gaga) in height.

“I don’t understand the fascination with high heels.  I do not understand why anyone would want to walk around with two little sticks supporting their whole body,” says Morgan.

Why Do Women Wear Them?

“At 21, I feel that I am too young to give up my fashion choices for sensibility,” says Amanda Davis, 22.

“I don’t know of many guys that pay attention to what shoes a girl is wearing.  I could care less.  I am more interested in what is going on above her knees.  If a girl wants to dress up for me, she can,” says Morgan.

“I wear high heels because I want to.  I like being tall and I love the way that they look.  Yes, I know that flats are more practical but I will never give up my four inch pumps,” says Davis.

Regardless of a man’s opinion, we (men) are not the ones who are wearing six-inch Louboutin heels.  Women should not feel obligated to impress a man based on the clothes or shoes that they wear.  Women should wear their pumps, stilettos, and sling backs because they like the way they feel and look in them.

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Photo by Ashley Zucker


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