The Power of the Clash

Korch_PowerClashing1Though fashion is all about creativity and freedom of expression, there are basic, unspoken rules everyone knows. Black and navy together? Watch your step. Legs or cleavage? Never both. And always keep your LBD on hand…blah, blah, blah. These rules do have a purpose, but a new trend that breaks all fashion etiquette has made a grand entrance: power clashing.

When you first hear the words “power-clashing,” it sounds like some sort of crazy, intense battle to the death. In the superhero world, maybe it is. But we’re talking fashion and power clashing is on the rise. This term was pegged by HBO’s “Girls” and has since made its way from TV to reality. To put it simply, power-clashing is mixing bold patterns and colors that normally don’t go together. That’s right, picture plaid and chevron, floral and polka dots, stripes and animal print. Coco Chanel would be in shock if she saw it.

To execute the perfect power clash is really a case of judgment call. It’s all about experimentation and your own personal taste. For those new to the out-there trend, take these tips into consideration before going gung ho at Forever 21.

Start small

If you’re feeling nervous about diving headfirst into the deep end, just dip your toes in for now. Instead of investing in full-outfit pattern pieces, buy a staple piece, like a blouse or a skirt, and pair it with a bold accessory. Starting small will get you out of the comfort zone without making you feel uncomfortable.

Go with what you like

Power clashing may be about breaking rules, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw on every crazy pattern you see. Clashing is about being daring while still showing your personality. Showcase patterns that show off who you are. Pattern and textures can be manipulated to cater to certain styles, whether it’s punk, bohemian or collegiate.

Be confident

Confidence is key. If you feel uncomfortable, chances are people will be able to tell. Power clashing is meant to be eye-catching, so expect some looks here and there. As long as you wear that outfit like Alexander McQueen designed it just for you, people will wish they could pull off this look like you can.

It sounds crazy, and it is, but in the best possible way. Power clashing has given way to a new frontier in the fashion world. It’s adventurous, bold and fun. It has a presence and makes a statement. So go ahead and let the freak flag fly. Break those traditional rules, and put yourself out there.

 Photo by Jessica Korch


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