Weighing In: The Unofficial “Halloweentown” Workout

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‘Tis the season for Halloween movies, and what’s better than reliving your childhood with Disney Halloween specials like Halloweentown? Instead of gorging yourself on candy corn, try this Halloweentown workout to keep in shape this October!

Do 15 jumping jacks every time magic is used. This can be anything from casting simple spells to Aggie’s purse following her down the street. Do five extra jumping jacks every time Marnie tries to use magic but fails.

Do five sets of walking lunges every time something weird happens and they act like it’s completely normal – such as a skeleton driving a taxi or an evil face showing up in a caldron.

Do 10 pushups every time someone says “Cromwell” or “witch.” This usually comes in the form of Marnie telling everyone that she’s a Cromwell, a witch, or both. If someone uses the word “warlock,” do five pushups.

Do five pushups every time Sophie says or does something adorable. This includes her pouting over wanting a cookie, calling Luke “wiener dude” and dressing up like a ghost while making very unconvincing ghost noises at dinner.

Do 10 sit-ups every time Dylan says something nerdy. For example, “Candy corn causes cavities,” “I’ll take a nature documentary over Halloween any day” and “Just coming by to check that everyone has their thermostat set to 68 degrees.”

Do 15 crunches every time you see a pumpkin on screen. Do five extra crunches if it’s the giant pumpkin in the Halloweentown town square or a person with a pumpkin for a head.

Do five burpees every time there is a mother/daughter argument. This includes Marnie and Gwen fighting about whether or not Marnie is a witch and Aggie and Gwen fighting about whether it’s better to be magical or mortal.

Do a 30 second plank every time Marnie says something dramatic. Includes “I’m 13, I’m practically a grownup,” and “I’m going to move some place really far away and join a motorcycle gang.”

Use this Halloweentown workout to spice up your routine this fall! You’ll be sweating like a ghost in no time.

Photo by Jaclyn Stumm


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