Warm Up Your Winter With Legwear

As the inescapable, cold Happy Valley winter weather seriously sets in (Tuesday morning flurries, anyone?), students tend to dress down. Especially with dreadful 8a.m. classes – or anything early – it’s tempting to just roll out of bed and throw on cozy sweat ensembles.

Now, we’re all about comfort, but there are easy ways to be cozy and stylish. Not to mention, you won’t have to regret your sloppy look as the day goes on.

Maybe you don’t even go as extreme as sweatpants. Leggings are simple, comfortable and easy to dress up.

But we say: Amp it up another notch! Winter tights are a great alternative to basic black leggings – and a whole lot cuter (and way cuter than sweatpants).

As always, a simple trek to the stores downtown has you enthralled by a winter-tights wonderland.

From their versatile selection on the racks to mannequins rocking the trend, Urban Outfitters, 234 E. College Ave., has a huge stock of tights in store this season. Opaque, floral print, ombré and sparkly tights are their top features.

“I think tights are pretty much perfect for winter because our customers pretty much stocked up on dresses and high waisted shorts, and throwing on tights underneath lets you wear everything year round and keeps you significantly warmer,” says Logan Bykofsky, an Urban Outfitters employee.

She adds, “A lot of the dark purples are going instead of black. But look out for printed tights because that’s what coming next.”

Strolling into Cheap Thrills, 325 E. Calder Way, employee Shannon Ratliff rocks tights on the job.

“I think tights are a great way to to maintain your spring and summer style into the winter. I don’t ever change my outfits, I just add tights and go,” she says, while wearing an oversized sweater, knee high boots and yup – sheer black tights.

Cheap Thrills has a wide selection of basic tights, which any girl can feel comfortable in if bolder tights aren’t quite on her radar (yet).

High socks, boots, long or sweater dresses and a cute jacket are the perfect articles to warm up with tights – on your walks to class or out at night.

Photo by Coco Chen

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