VALLEY’s Top Five Walkable Cities For Post-Grad

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What’s the best part of State College? 

From the small town atmosphere to our beloved restaurants downtown, it’s difficult for both locals and Penn Staters alike to choose their favorite part of Happy Valley. 

However, an aspect of State College that is often ignored is the walkability of the town. On average, residents of State College can walk to 10 restaurants, bars, and coffee shops in under five minutes, according to Walkscore

State College also offers public transportation options for locals and students, such as Spin electric-assist bikes (e-bikes) and buses. These are cheap, convenient, and for the most part reliable.

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In fact, some students appreciate the walkability of State College so much that they seek out similar places for post-grad.

VALLEY has put together a list of America’s best walkable cities for soon-to-be graduates to consider. 

1. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is every Pinterest girl’s dream. The town itself is known for its beautiful scenery and upscale restaurants.

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While Boston is one of the smaller walkable cities in the United States, the size compliments the ability for residents to get around on foot. Beacon Hill, North End, and Bay Village are some of the noted walkable neighborhoods in Boston. 

2. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is a unique walkable city because of its historical background. Both tourists and residents can travel on foot to a variety of historical landmarks, including the Liberty Bell and Congress Hall.

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The City of Brotherly Love also includes fun outdoor events, like Dining Under The Stars. Dining Under The Stars is in neighborhood Media, where the main street has been closed off for outdoor dining. 

Some of Philadelphia’s most popular walkable neighborhoods include Rittenhouse, Washington Square West, and Fitler Square.

3. San Francisco, California

A common phrase in this California town is: “San Francisco is Made for Walking!” 

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San Francisco is considered one of the best walkable cities in the United States. However, the area is known to have very steep and long hills. This might not be the best mix if you have to walk to work in hot and humid weather! 

The Tenderloin, North Beach, and Polk Gulch are among the top walkable neighborhoods in San Francisco. 

4. Chicago, Illinois

There’s nowhere quite like the Windy City! 

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Most residents can run errands and walk to work without public transportation, but Chicago also offers reliable options if need be. These systems range from trains, subways, and buses. 

Prominent walkable neighborhoods in Chicago consist of Lincoln Park, River North, and Oak Park. 

5. New York City, New York

VALLEY saved the best for last! 

New York City is the most walkable city in the United States. Two thirds of New York City residents either walk or take the transit to work, according to Walk Friendly Communities.

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Bowery, Boerum Hill, and Fordham Heights are all well-known walkable neighborhoods in New York City. 

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