Valley Pick of the Week: Camelbak Water Bottles

Camelbak Pink Drink bottleReduce, reuse and recycle. Those are the three words that are going to help make the world greener and sustainable. But if you’re questioning how you can help to make a change, a Camelbak water bottle is your answer!

Camelbaks can replace the plastic water bottles you buy in a large pack at the grocery store, which will help to eliminate the plastic going to waste in our environment. You can easily throw your Camelbak into you backpack and take it with you everywhere from class to the gym. Penn State has water filter system connected to water fountains around campus so access to clean water is easily and quick!

Camelbaks are awesome because they come in various colors to match everyone’s personality and the built-in straw is the best part– it makes drinking water fun. I swear, I haven’t drank more water in my life since I purchased my own pink Camelbak!


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