FXX’s You’re The Worst is actually the Best.

Photo by hollywoodreporter.com

“You’re The Worst” is a television program on FXX’s network that tells the story of two horrible people who end up falling in love. It is a hilariously twisted comedy about truly awful people who you grow to love and maybe even see yourself in some of the characters.

Jimmy and Gretchen are passionate people who don’t believe in love and have nothing but bad intentions. The show’s main source of humor comes from their dynamic relationship. Often times you hear them bonding over all the horrible things they’ve done: Gretchen set her high school on fire to get out of a math test, and Jimmy stole textbooks in order to buy drugs. You find yourself rooting for their relationship to make it through all the drama, yet you find yourself frustrated with all the toxic aspects of their relationship.

This show displays a real relationship with thorns instead of only roses. It divulges into commitment, as well as depression. It is one of the greatest shows out there that explores these very real issues. We watch the whole mess of characters, all of whom are all dealing with, in their own peculiar ways, unsettled minds and fates. Each character faces their own battle of internal issues: depression, narcissism, commitment, independence and PTSD wrapped into a romantic comedy.

This show’s management and development of characters insures to entertain you, as well as send you into a world where people handle and deal with the conflicts of life. It may not always be done with the characters’ best interest, but that is why the show is so interesting and entertaining to watch.

The characters’ pain doesn’t set this show into a melodramatic series because it depicts how each character deals with their issues and the support they receive from their friends. The brightest side of this show is Jimmy and Gretchen’s love story, which through all the drama, fights and toxicity, manages to survive and shows that they truly are together to better off and support each other.

“You’re The Worst” handles these issues very well; a lot of television shows depict a more glamorized and dramatized version of mental illness, but in this show we watch the characters deal with it and heal over time. It wasn’t enjoyable to watch, but it was honest, which is rare and very appreciated.

As the show reaches its final season this January, they will explore and focus on the issue of commitment fully. This show is truly a work of art — the cast performs their rolls creatively and sincerely, the music sets every scene and the witty dialogue allows the audience to look at serious issues in a different light and relate to the struggles in life — all while having a laugh.


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