Iconic Christmas Movie Moments

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There are so many Christmas movies that we all know and love. Simply say a title like “Love Actually” or “A Christmas Story,” and a conversation is bound to ensue about the best characters, best music montages and, of course, the best and most memorable scenes — the ones that cause our heart to swell or our stomachs to hurt from too much laughter. To bring you just a taste of this Christmas joy, VALLEY is here with a list of the best moments from classic Christmas films. There may be some spoilers here and there, but they won’t reveal entire plots or twist endings!

Buddy’s Snowball Fight

The movie “Elf” is full of iconic scenes, from the music montage in New York, to Buddy’s long burp, to the fight between Buddy and the fake Santa Claus in Gimbel’s. Perhaps the most iconic moment of them all, however, is when Buddy proves himself to his brother Michael by showing his snowball-making skills and extreme throwing accuracy. Any reservations Michael had before about this new person in his life disappear immediately when Buddy hits his final target.

Kevin Fakes the Burglars

“Home Alone” is another movie that has scene after scene of laughter and sentimentality. A very memorable scene occurs with one of the first of many of Kevin’s pranks – using mannequins and household objects to convince burglars outside of his home that the house is full and a party is occurring. You’ll never be able to listen to “Jingle Bell Rock” again without thinking of this scene.

The Griswold’s Lights Turn On

From the beginning scene in “Christmas Vacation” with the Griswold family’s adventures to find the perfect Christmas tree until the end when the credits roll, this movie will have you doubled over in laughter. One of the best scenes is when the Christmas lights on the Griswold house finally turn on after Clark Griswold spends hours upon hours decorating. The best part may be the neighbors’ reactions.

An Angel Earns His Wings

Without going into too many details for the sake of spoilers, the end scene of “It’s a Wonderful Life,” one of the most memorable holiday movies of all time, is sure to make you feel all of the feels. It is hard not to feel connected to George Bailey throughout the over two hours of runtime, and the ending scene of the film brings with it a ton of heartfelt holiday emotions.

Ralphie Shoots His Eye Out

You hear Ralphie’s desire for a BB gun throughout almost the entire run of “A Christmas Story,” to which his family always responds that he will “shoot his eye out.” When Ralphie finally gets the gift he has been waiting for, things don’t go quite as planned. It’s both hilarious and painful to watch, and one of the biggest gags that makes “A Christmas Story” such a classic.


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