A Preview to Cheesy Christmas Movies

It’s the best time of the year for so many reasons: cozy nights by the fire, holiday music, sugar cookies and waking up to a blanket of snow on a brisk morning. There is one reason in particular, however, that really sets the holiday season apart from all others: cheesy Christmas movies.

We all know and (some of us) love the classic formula for a romantic and extremely cringeworthy holiday flick. Usually there’s some type of Christmas skeptic who is caught up in his or her busy city job and doesn’t have time to appreciate the real reason for the season. Some conflict arises and this individual must move somewhere else or change their life circumstances and, in doing so, he or she both realizes the true meaning of Christmas and finds true love. In true Christmas fashion, the main character’s heart grows three sizes as we, the audience, either play into the gushy drama or groan in cynical misery. Both reactions can be equally enjoyable.

VALLEY is here with a list of some of the best choices on Netflix to satisfy your cheesy Christmas movie sweet tooth.

  1. Christmas Inheritance

Following the previously stated formula pretty closely, this movie is about a big city girl named Ellen who has to visit her father’s small hometown in order to inherit his company. While there, she meets someone who shows her that there is more to life than what she has always known, and this allows her to discover herself along the way. A cliché description that complements a cliché (and wholly entertaining) movie.

  1. The Princess Switch

Starring well-known actress Vanessa Hudgens, this movie is about a Chicago baker and an almost-princess who discover that they look like twins and decide to swap places for a short time. This short time is all they need to immerse themselves in one another’s lives and fall for men who don’t know their true identity. What could be better?

  1. A Christmas Prince

This movie came out on Netflix last year and was all the rage, so be sure not to miss it this holiday season. A young journalist is sent to find out information about a young prince who is supposed to become king and – you guessed it – they discover feelings for each other along the way.

  1. Dear Santa

Yet another film that neatly follows the formula, this movie is about a wealthy city slicker named Crystal who stumbles upon a note written by a young girl who is asking for a new wife for her dad for Christmas. Cue Crystal finding this family, becoming involved in the father’s homeless shelter and realizing what love is all about.

  1. The Holiday Calendar

This is one of Netflix’s new Christmas movies and it has been highly promoted by the streaming service. It is about a photographer who finds an Advent calendar that begins eerily predicting her future and ultimately leads her to true love.


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