Valley Artist Spotlight: Years & Years

Posted by Years & Years | @yearsandyears

Have you ever heard of the band Years & Years? No? Don’t worry, you’re not the only person who hasn’t. Despite the fact that their studio album, “Communion,” debuted at the very top of the UK charts, Years & Years is still a band that is unknown to many.

But, everyone should definitely know who they are and start listening to their music. The band is a trio consisting of Olly Alexander, Mikey Goldsworth and Emre Turkmen. They sing, play bass guitar, and play the keyboard, respectively.

They have a very unique sound, similar to electronic dance music but more meaningful. Their music ties together the amazing dance beats, akin to those commonly heard at clubs and parties, with heartfelt and thoughtful lyrics.

Their hit single, “King,” shot to the top of the UK charts, garnering attention for its upbeat tempo and its ability to get you up out of your seat and dancing. A few other similar songs on the album that everyone should listen to are “I Want to Love,” “Desire,” and “Shine.” Each of these have beats that will make you want to get up and dance for hours, while presenting you with striking and thought-provoking lyrics.

On the other end of the musical spectrum are their ballad-esque songs, such as “Eyes Shut,” which contains a beautiful piano accompaniment, and their acoustic songs, “King – Acoustic” and “Ready for You – Acoustic.” These are great songs to listen to if you just want to relax and take some time to breathe.

Years & Years is definitely becoming more popular on campus, too. Jacob Ginn, a freshman, says, “I like Years & Years because they have a funky fresh sound with an exciting, electric feel.”

Jason Legayada, a freshman, says, “From their songs I’ve found by listening through playlists, you can tell that Years & Years is really talented. They sound similar to the Chainsmokers except there’s a bigger focus on lyrics. The beat and instrumentals are different with each song, so they always have a diverse sound depending on your mood.”

You’re bound to love a few songs from their album, even if you’re not into their electric feel, so definitely check them out and stay tuned for new music!