Reunions and Revivals

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Whenever a TV show or a movie ends, it’s pretty typical to go into what is called “post finale depression.” So, when fans hear that a possible reunion or revival of their favorite characters may be in the works — it is obvious that they get excited. In a new era where these are becoming more common though, how does that magic that was once on screen get recreated? Is it even worth it? And finally, Valley looked into what’s coming up for the next few years for revivals.

Of course, the major revival that was released this past year was “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.” Fans were overjoyed to hear they could once again return to Stars Hollow with Lorelei and Rory Gilmore and their witty humor. In reality though, people were quite disappointed with how the sequel ended and was told in general.

“I loved seeing all of the characters back together after a bunch of years,” said sophomore Maggie Blonski. “But I was surprised by all of their lack of development.”

It has also become common to revive shows for younger audiences so kids who watched them in the past can watch with their own kids. “Fuller House” (the “Full House” spin off) is one of these, which was produced by Netflix. Netflix itself is becoming a hotbed for fans to ask of revivals of all sorts of TV shows, one being “Girl Meets World” after it was cancelled by Disney Channel this past year.

Another hit, “Prison Break,” is also getting a reboot planned to be released in a span of 9 episodes next year on Fox. Another exciting show to look forward is the sequel to “That’s So Raven” now known as “Raven’s Home.” Yes, that’s right, Raven Symone is coming back as the lovable psychic. But, this time with two pre teen kids!

Casts reuniting don’t always have to be on screen though. A few weeks ago, the actors of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” graced our screens again, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, which is known for doing the same for “Gilmore Girls” in the past. Maybe it’s a sign that the teen vampire show will get rebooted itself? Then again, “Friends” had its reunion just last year and there are still no signs of a true revival. And we’re still bitter Matthew Perry wasn’t there.

Other revivals that are due to come out in 2017:

“How I Met Your Father”


“Hey Arnold”

“High School Musical 4”

Are you excited for some of your favorites to come back? Valley definitely is.