Spring Fest 2k17

Photo by Kayla Bert

On April 20, the forecasted rain knew enough not to show up and ruin such a perfect night. Tussey Mountain, usually filled to the brim with snow,  was instead packed full of Penn State students and hip hop fans alike. The long awaited Spring Fest was executed flawlessly, full of crazy good music and crazy good vibes that started as concert-goers filed onto the lawn, and ended long after every performance was over.  Valley was lucky enough to get a front row seat to it all.

As the sun began to set, DJ Dosk kicked off the lineup with a booming set and a lively entourage that fired up the already warmed up crowd.  With everyone already bouncing to the bass that pulsed through the stands, Tungi Ige, a rapper hailing from Philadelphia, took to the stage with his newest tracks, sending feel-good vibes out to the PSU populated crowd.

When night finally closed in on Tussey Mountain, Kirko Bangz was called onto the stage with massive support from the crowd.  With smoke machines and laser beams and self proclaimed Cali-inspired tracks, Kirko got everyone rolling with a lively performance and a knack for engaging with the audience.

Kirko pulled a classic “phones in the sky” move when he performed one of his first original songs, filling the crowd with swaying arms and iPhone flashes. And when the phones dropped with the next song, Bangz decided to jump into the masses to join some of Penn State’s of-age students for a drink in the crowd.

After Tungi Ige and Kirko Bangz rocked the stage with their killer performances, it was obvious that everyone in the crowd couldn’t wait any longer for the most anticipated artist of the night — Post Malone.  When Valley asked a particularly excited PSU student if he was as hype for Post as we were, he simply screamed back at us, “Let’s get weird!” Post Malone’s iconic catch phrase.  And when asked his name he very confidently replied, “Post Malone,” and with that, ran back into the overflowing crowd with his friends.

Shortly after our very informative interview with a super-fan of Post Malone’s, the mountain began to chant Post’s name, and not long after the chant started, Post gave his fans what they wanted.  With screams of excitement and yells of those who didn’t yet get the memo to cut the chant, Post took to the stage crazy-cool and collected, per usual.

His chill personality and wild sense of humor, brought an atmosphere to his performance that left even those furthest away from front row laughing and vibing to the music.  Even when technical difficulties arose, Post remained unfazed, and asking the DJ to cut the track, finished the rest of his classic song, “Patient,” acapella with some help from the audience.  With his iconic guitar riffs backed up with killer beats, Post Malone brought the crowd to a whole new level, and supplied Spring Fest 2017 with an ending that couldn’t have been any better.

Just like us here at Valley, we’re sure anyone who got to make it to Spring Fest 2017, can vouch for just how amazing of a concert it really was.  At the end of the night, we’re only left with one last question: when can we go again?