V-Necks: How Low Is Too Low?

NecklaceShowing a little skin is sexy as long as it leaves something to the imagination, but what is a girl to do when the latest trend is showing almost your entire chest and sternum? Tops with deep V’s (sometimes almost hitting your belly button) are one of the latest fashion crazes.  Unfortunately, the trickiest thing about this deep V-neck trend is all about knowing how to rock this style but in a classy way.

One of the easiest things to do when wearing a shirt with a very deep V is to make sure that’s the only overexposed body part.  It’s all about balance.  So if you feel daring enough to rock that V that plunges down to just above your belly button, maybe pair it with a cute pair of flair jeans or a blazer.

A good thing about this trend is that many tops or dresses with very deep V’s sometimes have lace or mesh in the middle.  This not only helps you feel not too overexposed but can make the look more conservative and therefore, appropriate for more occasions!  If you’re hesitant about picking out a top that is very low cut, this might be a great way to ease into the trend.

Another trick when rocking a super low V is to pair it was a statement necklace.  This will balance out the nakedness of your sternum without taking away form the look and will add a fun, polished touch.

Lastly, it’s all about the hair.  With having most of your chest and stomach exposed, the hairstyle can make the look go one-way to another.  Having the hair off of your face in a sleek pony or bun will bring more attention to your chest, however if you leave your long luscious locks down it will take some of the attention away from your sternum and give the viewer something else to look at.

When rocking any new trend there are always certain dos and don’ts.  However, with a trend as risqué as deep V-necks, these rules can mean the difference between looking sexy or….like something none of us want to look like ever.

Photo by Sam Florio 

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