THON 2016: Who Would You Want Your Celebrity DRCM To Be?

Photo by Devon Pankiw

If you don’t already know, THON dancers are paired with someone to keep them going for all 46 hours. These people are called Dancer Relations Committee Members and they’ve been sporting yellow shirts all weekend long.

Just over a day in, THON 2016 Dancers doing great but are starting to feel it both physically and mentally. Valley asked them if they could have any celebrity as their DRCM, who would it be? And after being awake for over a day, their answers are as entertaining as you would imagine.

Some people wanted a comedian to keep their spirits lifted:

“Ellen DeGeneres. She’s always very upbeat and positive, funny and inspiring in all different ways,” Jenny Apple, a junior dancing for Student Pennsylvania State Education Association says.

“Zooey Deschanel, I just love New Girl,” Laura Smith, a senior dancing for the Equestrian Club says.

“Rebel Wilson. I would just laugh at her jokes the whole time. Especially mermaid dancing and her horizontal running,” Ally Wright, a sophomore dancing for Essence of Joy says.

“I already have the best DRCM, but I would have to go with Amy Schumer because she’ll keep me laughing,” Andrea Mateer, a senior dancing for Delta Zeta says.

Others chose singing idols:

“Michael Jackson,” says Morgan Johnson, a sophomore dancing for Mont Alto, whose current DRCM was as close as he could get to granting that dream.


Morgan and her DRCM. Photo by Kayleigh Barber

“Adele because she can sing some awesome tunes and rock all weekend,” Peter Pagano, a junior dancing for Theta Delta Chi says.

Some dancers wanted personal role models to keep them inspired:

“Jordan Spieth [pro golfer] because our THON family is related to him. It would be cool to have him here,” Mike Fissinger, a senior dancing for Phi Gamma Nu says.

“Donald Trump because without passion there is nothing,” Brad Simmons a senior dancer for Sigma Phi says, paraphrasing the presidential candidate’s quote that he kept in his fanny pack. “That’s why I THON, we have a passion to beat pediatric cancer.”

A couple dancers were having a hard time making up their minds:

“Jennifer Gardner, I like her in everything she’s been in — wait! Ellen DeGeneres, duh! She’s amazing,” Gracey Schofield, a senior dancing for Delta Gamma says.

“Who’s the actress from the notebook? Julia Roberts? Wait no — who is it?” Aaron Martinez, a sophomore dancing for FIJI says. After Valley told him it was Rachel McAdams he replied, “Oh yeah! She’s gorgeous.”

While all of these celebrities would make excellent DRCMs, no one could beat the ones that are already on the dance floor supporting their dancer throughout THON 2016.