THON 2014: Cravings and Calories

image-2We asked the dancers: “What are you craving and how many calories do you think you’re burning this weekend?”

Acacia senior Charlie Crowe says, “I’m craving Chipotle but my moraler is bringing me some soon. And I think I’m burning about 1,000 calories this weekend. I really have no idea.”

Family Relations Captain Jake Krause is on the same page. “I’m really craving Chipotle –a Burrito with everything in it—and I plan on burning all of the calories off this weekend.”

The girls are craving Chipotle as well, but definitely have more of a sweet tooth.

Alpha Omicron Pi senior Hillary Katz says, “I don’t think I’m gonna burn that many calories because we are constantly eating and they are constantly telling us to eat. But, I’m definitely craving fresh fruit.”

Moral Captain Maggie Glass is not so concerned about her calorie intake this weekend but also craves something fresh and chilled. “I want a strawberry-banana smoothie from Irving’s –anything cold. I’m not calorie counting.”

Independent dancer Alex Williams is particular about what she wants to chow down on at this very hour. “I want a plain bagel. Toasted. With butter.”

Kappa Delta senior Nicole Luculano shouts, “I want Chipotle! And, some chocolate mousse.  I’m maybe burning about 2,800 calories this weekend.”

Peace Love Lyrical senior Maggie Stem is very optimistic about the amount of calories she’s burning. “I think I’m probably burning at least 100 calories an hour, maybe even 200 an hour. And I’m totally craving apple pie right now.”

It doesn’t end there. Not only do dancers receive food all throughout the 46 hours on the floor, the annex is a special area reserved only for dancers, friends, family, and people running Thon weekend. The annex is filled with snack stations and refrigerators with revitalizing beverages. While passing through the annex I saw hundreds of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches being made and eaten. Sandwiches were at the snack stands, being passed out on trays, and flopping from dancers hands as they wolfed them down.

That explains Acacia senior Andrew Kerner’s request. “I don’t think I’m gonna burn nearly as many calories as the amount of PB&J’s I’m going to eat this weekend. If they’re not being served, I’ll have my moraler bring me one.”

He wasn’t delirious –there really were PB&J’s everywhere.

Photo by Christina Monteleone 


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