The 10 Things THON Chairs Say THON Weekend

_DSC8800If any of you out there are THON chairs, you’ll know how absolutely frustrating and rewarding the job is THON weekend. We have worked our fannies off the past six or so months, and now we’re basking in our hard work that’s paying off.

There are always 10 things we can’t help but say, though, and it’s on repeat the whole weekend:

1. Did you guys sign in? Guys, sign in

Keeping score of everyone’s hours can get tiring, especially when they don’t remember to look after their own. But that’s why you’re here—to help and record everyone’s doings for the next 46 hours! Breathe.

2. When did they decide our row was their row? 

When other orgs start creeping in on your little piece of org space, you may just want to throw things at them, but it’s important to remember that everyone has a right to be there. It’s THON—remember why we’re here.

3. I’d say get in the pass line at approximately *this time*.

The ticket system has already kept a few people from getting to the floor. You’re no expert on the pass system and THON will prove it.

4. Let’s get food.

At least six or seven times a day. You’ll be broke by the end but you need your walking taco!

5. I want coffee so bad.

Yeah, honey, keep dreaming.

6. Is that the nugget lion?!

We’ll be trying to spot cute little kids on the floor all weekend, and they’re everywhere. It makes us feel warm inside for sure.

7. Look up here! 

Your dancers can’t exactly see your tiny form motioning to keep them still for a picture. They’re struggling already, alright

8. Wait, make room for the THON family/do *this* for the THON family!

They’re your babies! Well, at least you feel an obligation to them like no other. They deserve a spot in your row and your full attention if need be.

9. What time is it?

Yeah, none of us know.

 10. I’m so happy I did this.

Once the total is announced and the dancers sit, and your org is hugging each other crying like babies, you’ll realize all that worrying and fussing was for a great cause, and you can breathe….until we start all over again.

Photo by Jonathan Hsieh

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