Best of THON 2014: THON’s Most Fashionable

THON is all ‘For the Kids,’ and what better way to tap into your inner child than through your outfit?

46 hours is a long time to be on your feet, so decking yourself in dancer gear to the max adds some fun to the hard work. Between the tutus, fanny packs, hats and sneakers, Valley couldn’t get enough. We hit the floor to share with you the best outfits of #THON14.


Superheroes were a common theme on the floor this year, and JT Cartwright and Isabelle Kayal flew right into action, capes included.


Moraler Emmy Hackshaw showed some committee pride with a sparkly yellow bow and matching tutu.


Merchandise captain John Boston took Four Diamonds to a whole new level, sporting rainbow-diamond shorts to go with his red-dyed hair.


Madison Gist taps into her inner hippie with a bold flower crown to represent Morale.


Todd Thorniley took it to the next level with his daring (to say the least) goatee design and bright red facial hair.


Ryan Truitte and Curtis Covelli of Phi Kappa Tau kept it comfortable with Elmo and Superman onesies.

Photos by Jose Ponte

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