The Underrated Fashion Designers Ruling the Runway

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Similar to the realms of scientific research and visual arts, the world of fashion has no shortage of influential figures that have changed the field forever.

For example, Christian Dior is credited with reinventing the way women dressed in the post-WWII era. He did so by opting for a silhouette that was looser on the waist and marking a return to the feelings of luxury and romance that pervaded women’s fashion before the war. Likewise, Cristobal Balenciaga became known for his unprecedented craftsmanship and impressive skill in creating sculptural designs. 

Although these houses have earned their praise, there is a multitude of modern designers who are producing incredible work and should receive more attention! Here are some inspiring modern design houses that deserve your acclaim. 

Bach Mai
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With the dream of becoming an American couturier, Bach Mai graduated from the Parsons School of Design and worked for Maison Margiela under the eponymous John Galliano. Recognized for his leather opera gloves, pencil skirts and staggering laced boots, Mai has a fascination with construction and craftsmanship, experimenting with bold hues without hesitation. 

His recently revealed Spring/Summer 2022 collection features model Teddy Quinvalin in metallic gowns crafted from vibrant lurex and breathtaking tiered skirts in lavish silk. VALLEY is astounded by this collection’s materials and attention to detail, and we cannot wait to see Mai’s future creations!

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John Altuzarra’s well-crafted yet eccentric label has dipped its toes into many different themes throughout its history. The French designer has long been inspired by military clothing and he has kept the tailoring concepts of such garments at the heart of the brand’s philosophy of craftsmanship. This interest is reflected in his Fall 2022 ready-to-wear collection by the appearance of shearling collars and peacoats. 

This showing from the brand was decidedly earthy and related to nature. According to Altuzarra, it was inspired by the event of a sailor being seduced by a mermaid and thus being transformed into one. Perhaps this story was portrayed by the change in tone seen throughout the show, beginning with military-inspired looks and finishing with ones adorned with breathtaking oversized sequins in shimmering gold. 

Saks Potts
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Catherine Saks and Barbara Potts’ Copenhagen-based brand has represented refined glamour in many ways. The designers are best known for a rather modest product, their lavish fur coats sporting striking colors. However, this certainly has not stopped them from sending their models down the runway in daring neon garments such as the see-through top in fluorescent green that opened the brand’s Copenhagen Fall 2022 presentation. 

Saks Potts’ unique interpretation of the modern, well-dressed woman exudes a mature confidence and is conveniently outfitted with floral ornamentation. Satisfying textures appear as another hallmark of the brand, with supple leather trousers and nylon jersey dresses with a glossy finish exemplifying this theme. Any forward-thinking consumer searching for elevated, yet practical pieces would be remiss in passing Saks Potts over.

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