Jacob Elordi, Street Style Icon

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Australian actor Jacob Elordi is the moment. He is Hollywood’s rising star and heartthrob, but he’s also earned his spot as one of Hollywood’s best-dressed men.

Though being 6’5 and having broad shoulders often gets him type-casted in hyper-masculine roles, Elordi says he is nothing like his character on HBO’s “Euphoria,” the troubled misogynist Nate Jacobs, and he has the fashion sense to prove it.

When asked by W Magazine if “Euphoria” has had any influence on his style, Elordi says, “it taught me to wear anything but what Nate wears.”

Elordi wouldn’t be caught dead sporting anything from Nate’s closet. The actor’s embrace of purses, clean-cut streetwear and french luxury brand Celine completely separates him from Nate Jacobs.

Elordi’s wide-ranging style brings components of both masculinity and feminity, drawing style comparisons to none other than Harry Styles, a trendsetter who often breaks boundaries in men’s fashion.

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W Magazine’s Stephanie Eckardt recognized Elordi’s exquisite taste last year. She reported that Elordi was the first “prominent male-identifying celebrity” to gush over Fendi’s iconic and timeless Baguette bag after it was re-vamped for men.

In January, Elordi made waves on Instagram when he adorably stepped out to the set of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” rocking a preppy head-to-toe Celine look paired with hoop earrings.

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Celine is a staple of Elordi’s wardrobe, even seen in his street style. Though most days he’s spotted wearing a simple baseball cap and jeans, Elordi doesn’t feel the masculine urge to shy away from wearing purses. “It’s just a bag,” he tells W Magazine.

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Elordi’s street style puts more of an emphasis on bright colors, prints, and graphics, whereas his formal attire is typically dark neutrals. A signature of Elordi’s has to be his incorporation of bandanas into his everyday wear. Typically he’ll have it tied around his neck, though he sometimes brings it up to his face. Leave it to Elordi to make COVID-19 protection both functional and fashionable.

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As for sneakers, Golden Goose is his shoe of choice. When paparazzi spots him hitting the gym, Elordi is typically wearing a pair of the brand’s low-top Distressed Superstar sneakers. The brand is widely worn by young women, but the ruggedness of Elordi’s Golden Goose sneakers only elevates his street style.

When it comes to fashion, he can do it all. Elordi is no stranger to bright florals, tailored pants and purses, but he can still make a baseball cap look chic.

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