The Staff Shortage Scramble

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As the pandemic continues to affect the world in unexpected ways, one is how many different places are struggling to function with not enough workers as they need. More specifically, many restaurants and stores in State College, whether they are on-campus or off-campus, are having trouble meeting the demand brought by the vast number of students at Penn State.

Redifer Dining Hall announced shortages, as well as CATA Bus. Different restaurants downtown also have limited hours or now close much earlier than usual. In addition to this, with ordering converting online for many on-campus dining options, many of the choices like residence hall grills or HUB dining will flat out refuse to make the order if they’re too busy.

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The bus system in State College has recently announced a couple changes due to their own severe staff shortage. For students who live off campus, this is a frustrating change. They announced that only the Loops and Links will run after 11 p.m. Monday through Saturday routes will start at 7 a.m., but all other routes will end. On Sundays, there will be no CATA service at all. There also will be no Green Link anymore. For those who use the Downtown Game Day shuttle, that also will be suspended for the rest of the football season. Hopefully, as they hire more people, certain routes and services will begin to come back.

On-Campus Dining
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In particular, Redifer Dining Hall in South has been experiencing some staff shortages that have been affecting their hours and service. Redifer has an interesting setup because it has a bunch of different options other dining halls do not have, like stir fry, paninis and Mexican food. Yet, none of these choices have been available due to not enough staffing.

In a Pickle, the panini and deli spot, is scheduled to open on October 25. Yet, Fresco Y Caliente is temporarily closed and the stir fry place next to it has mysteriously disappeared. Redifer is also now closed on weekends due to not enough staff, leaving those who live in South with no options on Saturday and Sunday. If you relied on Late Night for evening pizza or mozzarella sticks on the weekend, say your goodbyes.

East has also temporarily closed Flipps, the well-loved spot for freshmen to get their quick burgers and chicken sandwiches.

Downtown State College
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There are many spots throughout College Avenue and Beaver Avenue that have immediate hiring signs up on their windows or out in the street. This includes SNAP, Urban Outfitters, Big Dean’s, Subway, Central Reservation, Cozy Thai and plenty more. There are also places cutting their hours early, like the beloved late night downtown McDonald’s, which now closes at 10 p.m.

If you need a job, there are plenty to choose from to help get State College’s restaurants, services, dining halls, and stores back on their feet.

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