The Snapchats We All Regret Sending

oberdorf_snapchatSnapchat is a wonderful app—you can send goofy-looking pictures to your friends so you can all laugh at each other, and what’s better than that? One of the best things is the photo story in which you can view snaps again and again, but if you’re the one that sent a less-than-flattering snap, you probably can’t wait to delete it. Usually we’re good at knowing what we should and shouldn’t put in our Photo Stories, but that line becomes very blurred after too much fun. Because we’ve all been there, here are the snaps we all regret sending:


Nothing is more fun than (badly) singing a song at the top of your lungs with your friends after knocking back a few drinks, but trust us—it isn’t nearly as pretty the next day and your friends will make fun of you for it forever.

The Bathroom One

Whether it’s a picture of you or someone else, we’ve all sent them / received them at some point, but when it ends up on a photo story, things get messy and people get embarrassed.

Drunken Rant

Rambling on about something is funny for the viewers, not-so-funny for the sender.

The One Someone Shouldn’t Have Seen

Think about all of the people you have in your snap contacts – there’s probably some whom you never really talked to, or people you don’t really get along with anymore. This one can be anything from just too much information (“I just threw up”) to being about someone in your story (“My ex is here help!!”).

Photo by Victoria Oberdorf


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