Quiz: Which Supermodel Are You?

Karlie Kloss walks the runway at the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in New York City on November 13th, 2013Take our quiz to find out which supermodel your personality embodies… because who doesn’t want to believe their alter ego is fierce, poised and virtually flawless?

1. It’s a Friday Night. What are your plans?

A. I don’t have definitive plans right now… or ever… but I’m going out.
B. Just chilling with my boyfriend
C. Meeting some friends at the bar, then going to an apartment crawl, and then a house party. I have connections.
D. Movie night with my girlfriends
E. Chronic Town it up!

2. Choose a Drink.

A. Smoothie
B. Protein Shake
C. Straight Black Coffee- ulcers don’t scare me
D. Tea
E. Juice Detox Cleanse

3. If you could be part of any TV show what would it be?

A. Awkward.
B. Ugly Betty
C. Skins
D. Cupcake Wars
E. Bad Girls Club

4. Pick an animal:

A. Chicken
B. Cat
C. Sloth
D. Dolphin
E. Eagle

5. Choose a YouTube Sensation:

A. Harlem Shake
B. Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball
C. Charlie Bit My Finger
D. Nyan Cat
E. Rebecca’s Black Friday

6. You’re on an island, and you’re stuck with one person. Who do you choose?

A. …Does food count as a person?
B. A boat builder
C. Your boyfriend
D. I can’t just choose one person
E. Your mom

7. Pick a celebrity BFF.

A. Rhianna
B. Doutzen Kroes
C. Johnny Depp
D. Taylor Swift
E. Kate Moss


If you got…

Mostly A’s – You are Cara Delevingne.

You might as well just change your name to Cara right now. You are quirky, spontaneous and crazy!  And everyone absolutely loves you for it. You don’t really have a thing for rules though… actually you don’t believe rules should even exist. Although it can be hard for you to know when enough is enough, you can be proper when you want to. Plus you’re beanie collection is to die for.

Mostly B’s – You are Adrianna Lima.

You’re an exotic beauty, who is comfortable with your body. You don’t mind showing off your assets every once in a while, and you have the confidence of a Victoria Secret Model. Most of your friends are probably from work, but you don’t mind it just makes the long hours more fun. You’re a hard worker, and you’re pretty practical. You don’t care too much about the limelight.

Mostly C’s – You are Kate Moss.

You’re edgy, cool, just the definition of pure grunge. You know how to show attitude and don’t mind attention or the paparazzi for that matter. You’re so cool, you don’t care what anyone thinks. In fact you double dog dare them to say what they think of you. Leather and doc martens are your two favorite things, and you often fall for the bad boys, say for example a 90’s Johnny Depp?  Most likely your best friend took this test too and got the result of Naomi Campbell.

Mostly D’s – You are Karlie Kloss.

Sweet, cute and the ultimate “it” girl, you are the girl next door. You love to bake, hang out with your girlfriends and do some good in the world. You love to smile, and you’re consistent. Your friends know they can rely on you for anything, and they’re always there for you too. You like to go out every once in a while, but you also don’t mind a night in also. You’re everyone’s best friend.

Mostly E’s – You are Naomi Campbell.

There is only one word to define you: Sassy. You ooze attitude, and people either love you, hate you or just love to hate you. You stick to your guns and never back down to anybody (including Tyra Banks). You can be a bit dramatic about things in the moment. But when people break down your wall, you can be a sweetheart. Just remember to show this side more often to the people you love.

Photo credit: fashionpluslifestyle.com 

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