Comfort Food, Comfortable Clothes: Your Thanksgiving Day Wardrobe

DressingforThanksgiving_JessicaLaGreca It’s nine p.m. and you look down to an empty plate that once held overwhelming amounts of cranberry sauce, turkey, stuffing, and a million other family recipes. Next thing you know, the button on your jeans pops off and your once toned stomach turns into a second trimester food baby. This scene has been all too familiar every Thanksgiving and the struggle deciding what to wear to Thanksgiving dinner is even more familiar. So, in preparation for this upcoming national holiday, Valley talked to Metro’s assistant manager, Brittany Anello, on how to look cute this Thanksgiving, while supporting your food baby.

Elastic, Elastic, Elastic

It is key to wearing as much stretchy and elastic based clothing as possible, that way your clothes can expand when you need it to. Anello suggest wearing high waisted leggings that are not only comfortable but can tuck in any unflattering parts of your food baby. While leggings are cute, they may not be fancy enough for your Thanksgiving meal. To combat this problem Anello suggest to wearing nicer boots and a blouse with your favorite pair.

Deconstructed Tops

Cute tops that lack shape are the perfect hiding spots for any food baby bumps. Tops like oversized cardigans, ruffled shirts, or Anello’s favorite’s kimonos distract the eye from seeing your actual figure, and they also allow you to lounge around in comfort during and after the meal.

Colors and Prints

You may not automatically think of certain colors and prints can help your figure, but in fact they actual can. Anello suggest wearing black and jewel tones, such as burgundy, navy, or dark emeralds to help you slim down. Also try wearing prints in order to distract from any bloating that might be going on. This could be anything from paisley to tartan. But be sure to stay away from horizontal stripes because they tend to make you look wider than you actually are.


Of course you don’t want anything stopping you during Thanksgiving, so be sure to stay away from dresses and tops that cinch around the waist. If you want to show off some of your figure, but don’t want to accentuate your stomach area, wear a dress that cinches right underneath the bust. The fabric will hang outward around your belly. This will still accentuate your top half without showing the bottom half.

Lastly, wear something with pockets. This doesn’t really relate to your comfort. Instead it’s an easy hiding place for all the leftover dinner rolls you’ll most likely steal from your siblings.

Photo by Jessica LaGreca

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