Heading into Winter With Style and Comfort

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Winter is approaching and it is the time of the year where it is essential to cover yourself up. From head to toe, it is important to make sure that not only do you not freeze to death with the weather feeling like it is below zero, but that you are covered in a stylish way that is perfect for you.

When it comes to finding the right hat there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. Is it right for your hair (nobody likes hat hair)? Does it fit your head shape? The biggest question overall—does it fit your personal style? Here are some trendy winter hats that go best with your unique fit and also is a great way to make sure that you don’t freeze during the winter time winter is here at State College.


Beanies are one of the most popular styles during this time of the year. Coming in all colors and different knittings, beanies have become a go-to hat. More on the stylish side, these style hats are good for people with a smaller head. Having a smaller and rounder head, makes it easier for the beanie to fit either all over the head for more warmth, or it can be worn slouched down on the back of the head, for a stylish feel. Either or, beanies can be worn on boys and girls. The trick to making a beanie actually look right is that it is better worn on straight or wavy hair. Not to rule out people with curly hair, but when you put that type of texture under a beanie, it will most likely  scrunch up on under causing a weird look at the top of your head.

Trapper Hats

If you’re looking for a hat that gives you total warmth all around, including your ears and little bit of your cheeks, then a trapper hat is the one to get. These particular hats are great to wear when you want to make sure that your head doesn’t freeze to death,  by having a furry interior. Plaid and fall neutral colors are typically the style that these hats come in. Imagine being snowed in (rarely happens as a student here at State College), with a cup of hot chocolate and the fireplace burning up right across from you, the trapper hat is what is usually paired with this scene, allowing a cozy atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Also, this hat is great for outside activities, such as snow boarding, skiing or even hiking. Trapper hats can fit all head shapes, hair textures and will work for both genders.

Pom Pom Hats

If you’re in the mood to be warm but still have a cute and fun look to your outfit then opt for a pom pom hat. These hats have the little pom pom balls on top and have the widest variety when it comes to style out of the bunch. Ever seen people walking around with those prideful “Penn State” or “Nittany Lions” hats all over campus? Well these popular hats can be sporty as seen by many people on campus or can be fun and quirky! Some are in an animal face with long strings on both sides, allowing for a playful look. Plus, how cute are two pom poms on the top of your head as Nittany Lion ears? Long or short hair can work for these hats due to the great use of flaps that come down each side, for extra warmth.

Ear Warmers

Ok so maybe hats aren’t your thing and that’s OK. Sometimes what looks good on others doesn’t really look the same on you. When that is the case, then the best solution are ear warmers. If you find yourself having bad hat hair or your earrings always get caught in the flaps, then the best way to protect them, is with ear warmers. Not necessarily covering your head like the rest of the hats on the list, but ear warmers do however get the job done. Covering the part of your head that gets cold the easiest, your ears, ear warmers are great for a quick solution to a troubling problem. Instead of worrying if the hat looks good with the rest of your outfit, ear warmers come in a lot of colors and styles allowing to fit your specific personality.

Doesn’t matter what style hat you choose, as long as your warm and are doing in it in a stylish way, then the rest will fall into place. So next time when you’re shopping for good head gear for this upcoming season, think “style and comfort” and you should have no problem tackling the cold weather here at State College.


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