The Power of Protein: The Best Bars on The Market

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We all know the importance of providing our bodies with the nutrients they need to work their best, but how are we supposed to know where to get those essential nutrients from? Our recommendation? Protein bars. 

VALLEY reviewed some of the best protein bars currently on the market and as the amount of sugar, protein, calories, carbs, etc. vary based on the flavor of the bar, we chose the healthiest flavors from each brand to analyze.

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RX Coffee Chocolate — 12g of protein

The best thing about these bars is that you are able to see all of the ingredients and the amount of each ingredient right on the front of the package. This way you know exactly what you’re putting into your body.  This specific flavor contains 210 calories, 9g of fat, 23g of carbs and 13g of sugar.

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GoMacro Protein Paradise: Cashew Caramel — 11g of protein

These vegan bars are jam packed with organic proteins that make them taste great and make your body feel great! They have 260 calories, 30g of carbs and only 35mg of sodium. These lean bars make for a great post-workout or pre-workout snack.

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Luna Protein Mint Chocolate Chip — 12g of protein

This bar has 170 calories and 20g of carbs. It’s also gluten free and because it has a sweet flavor, it is a perfect replacement for dessert.

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KIND Honey Smoked BBQ — 10g of protein

This bar with 10g of protein, is great if you are in the mood for something salty. With 230 calories, 15g of carbs and 16g of fat, this bar may not seem like the absolute healthiest protein snack. However, the ingredients are filled with nutrient packed nuts and minerals which are great for the body.

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Perfect Bar Almond Acai — 7g of protein

This 220 calorie bar is filled with beneficial nutrients – and it tastes great too! It has 12g of fat, 20mg of sodium and 19g of carbs, making this bar one of the healthier options.

Many people don’t know when or how a protein bar should be eaten. Should they be eaten post-workout or pre-workout? Can I have them as a meal replacement? Can I eat them between meals as a snack?

These are all great questions. It really depends on your specific diet and the amount of calories you consume daily. Some of these protein bars may seem dense enough to replace a meal and some are light enough to eat in between meals. 

Whether or not you want to eat them before or after you workout, is completely up to you. The crucial thing is that you are getting the protein you need to sustain your body. It doesn’t matter what time it is!


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