The Power of Aztec Healing Clay

In the craziness of college life, sometimes rest and relaxation are necessary. What better way to really relax than to treat yourself to a good face mask? After a long, hard day one of the best solutions is to show your skin a little love.

Perfect for masking away the toxins of a rough day, this no. 1 best seller on Amazon, The Aztec Secret – Indian Healing Clay, is a deep pore cleansing mask. With over 18,000 reviews and 4.5 stars, this mask claims to clear pores and acne within two or three times of use. The mask comes in the form of a powder, so to use a mixing medium is necessary. For best results it is recommended to mix the powder with apple cider vinegar. The smell isn’t so sweet, but the results are amazing. Not to mention that the price, at only $10.95 for a 1 pound container of product, is unbeatable!

The powder is made with sun-dried bentonite clay, a clay that comes naturally from volcanic ash. The long list of benefits that this clay offers for the skin is crazy –  it detoxifies, provides minerals to your skin and helps clear acne and scarring.

To whip up this mask, mix together equal parts powder and apple cider vinegar (or water for more sensitive skin), then apply a layer to your face keeping in mind to avoiding the eyes. While the mask dries on your face, it acts like a vacuum for your pores – pulling out all of your face’s impurities and drawing them to the surface. With this powerful of a mask, it’s recommended to only leave it on for around 5-10 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water. Your face may be red afterwards, but that will dissipate within a half hour of removing the product.

Now that this mask has become wildly popular, you’ll be able to find it for sale at places other than Amazon. Target now sells the mask for $7.95, but an online store called Thrive Market has the mask for sale at only $6.59.

Trying out new things, especially on your skin, can definitely be scary, but this mask is totally worth the risk! Your skin will feel soft and smooth, and will look more clear and even-toned than ever.


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