The New Facebook Generation

photo-11 copyRemember when you got a Facebook and your mom didn’t have one? Ah, those were the days. That being said, without our very dear family members and friends on the internet, we wouldn’t have some of the gems that come with it. Without further ado, we present to you what every person over 40 does on Facebook:

Posts political statuses/pictures

Out of all of the adults I’m friends with on Facebook, I can easily tell you which ones are pro-Obama and anti-Obama based on something they’ve shared in the last 24 hours. Our generation knows that when you post politics or religion you’re only bound to get someone telling you that your opinion is wrong, so not many of us do it. Sometimes grown-ups still have a lot to learn.

Comments something that has nothing to do with your status or picture

You could have put up a picture of your dog sleeping, and your mom’s aunt’s cousin will comment saying something like, “Wow what a nice dog… so cute… Hope the family is well… Uncle Bob just had knee surgery but he’s already walking LOL… love your relative.”

Uses a lot of ellipsis… to break up their thoughts…

For an example, see above.

They assume that you’ve seen everything they’ve posted on Facebook

Our parents’ generation tends to only friend people that they actually know really well, while we’ll drunkenly add someone we met at a party that one time and then never delete them, giving us hundreds of more friends and statuses to sort through.

But there are some upsides to having your older family members on Facebook:

You don’t have to explain to Mom or Dad what’s happening in the family

No more random phone calls with your parents telling you something that you found out weeks ago, and no more trying to explain what’s been going on.

Everything gets documented

We all have that one family member who has a photo album for everything so you can re-live the fun of the events you went to with your family.

Family event planning is a thousand times easier

Especially with messaging. Not everybody has a smart phone (I don’t get it, either), but everybody has the ability to send group messages on Facebook. I’ve been told it makes it much easier to throw a surprise party for someone (thank you, Mom!).

You will ALWAYS get likes on your photos and statuses

Especially your selfies. It shows that someone out there likes the way you did your make-up today and creates the best ego boost. Gone forever are the days of statuses and pictures without any likes! But mostly, it just shows how much your family loves you.

Photo by Amanda Hunt

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